The Great Divide

I finally traded in my 10-year-old car for a new one. My old car was pretty basic. It didn’t have keyless entry, fancy radio access, GPS, Bluetooth, or the ability to play my iPhone music through the car speakers. I’m still figuring out all the gadgets on the car. In fact, it took me awhile to figure out how to put the transmission into drive and reverse, as well as how to turn it off. I’m not kidding.

Aside from being confused with the technology every time I drove my car, this week was awesome in so many ways. To top it off, I was honored to give a talk to a group of teenagers on a retreat at our church.

Driving there, I wanted to listen to Coldplay’s “Viva la Vida,” which I have on my iPhone. But when I went to play it, Nanci Griffith’s song “The Great Divide” played instead. Maybe there was a problem with the connection. I would just find “Viva la Vida” and select it again. But again, “The Great Divide” played instead. Argh.

After futzing with both the car and my IPhone for awhile, I finally got “Viva la Vida” to play, but the display still showed Nanci Griffith. That must be a glitch, but at least I could hear the song I wanted and I decided that, later, I would figure out what was going on.

I arrived at the church and talked with the facilitators to prepare. One of them asked if I had a song to go with my talk. Great idea.

I love Sara Groves’s music and its spiritual theme, so I quickly looked through the titles I had. No song seemed to fit and then I remembered how Nanci Griffith was so persistent on the drive there. So I listened to “The Great Divide” to make sure it was appropriate and, yes, it integrated well with my theme!

Though I am more and more aware of these serendipities in my life, they still make me stop in awe and laugh with joy.

I wish you many awesome, joyous connections in your week ahead, and, as always, much love.

5 thoughts on “The Great Divide

  1. “Though I am more and more aware of these serendipities in my life, they still make me stop and laugh with joy.” I’m right there with you on that one! 🙂 My daughter came in my bedroom Sunday afternoon and started randomly talking about a special rainbow she saw in January that she believed was portending the appearance of a miracle (kids have amazing memories – bringing up a rainbow from 2 months ago?). As we talked about it, a rainbow appeared on the wall of the bedroom – the setting sun had started coming through the western window & it hit something causing a prism effect. It only lasted a minute or two before the sun set too far to hit the object just right – but the “chance” timing of a reappearance of the miracle rainbow was amazing, it brought joy to our hearts! In 15 years in our house, I had never noticed a rainbow inside our bedroom before 🙂

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