Everything stable

My CT scan results show all tumors stable, and my tumor marker is slightly lower. Thank you deeply for your prayers and good wishes!

We discussed taking a chemo break, but decided instead to continue with chemo for about 6 – 8 more sessions, rescan and, assuming stable or better, take a break over the summer.

Thank you again for all you do to hold space for these miracles.


18 thoughts on “Everything stable

  1. Marie, I literally just got into email to check to see if there was a message from you regarding your scan! And as I was checking my in-box, your wonderful message suddenly appeared! How great! How terrific! Celebrate! Much love! Beth

  2. So glad to get your great news! And yes, I’ll vote for no chemo over the summer; looking forward to seeing you at full strength to celebrate with us in August!
    Much love, Charmi

  3. All sorts of peppy wonderful songs come to mind, but I will spare you the ear worm. So happy to hear this great news. Really wonderful. A break seems well well deserved!

  4. So thankful to hear this wonderful news. Prayers for you are lifted up daily. XOXO,

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  5. I asked Kathy last night since I didn’t hear and she told me all is stable – thank God. So happy for you. jan

  6. Hi Marie,
    We think of you all the time and are so happy to hear the good news.
    You are a true hero! Best wishes,
    David and Tricia

  7. Wonderful news!! I am so behind on email this week that I hadn’t read this until now and was kinda holding my breath. But you looked so vibrant and amazing last night that I hoped/assumed/prayed all was well.

    xox me again


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