About this blog and me

About this blog, and Marie, and Anna…

Nine years ago, Marie was diagnosed with cancer. She struggled with the challenges of it but always seemed to come up on the side of lightness, hope, serendipity, and faith. For the later part of those nine years, she created this Blog, Adventures in Spiritual Living.

In December of 2016, Marie passed away, a bright light to the end. Years before, and again in her final days, she asked me if I would write a final blog post on her behalf. And from that notion, an idea was born: What if I wrote multiple blog posts, perhaps one each month in the first year after her passing? Posts about her, and what she had to offer so many of us! An extension and celebration of the community she had created around her…

With Marie’s blessing, her blog and her legacy continues. She has entrusted me with this honor, and for any who care to come along, I invite you to know how lucky I feel to have known and loved Marie. I want to share with you how healing it has been for me to begin writing these blogs, as an act of reverence, healing and in honor of something Marie deeply revered: the joy of expression.

Below are her welcoming words, written from a place of hope and possibility, not long before she passed away. In the end, I believe the life we live is measured in the love we give, the wisdom we share, and in our willingness to face whatever is placed on the path before us with courage and the ability to keep reaching, keep connecting, and to keep following that path wherever it may lead.

Here’s to Marie! And to any of you who choose to make this journey forward with me.

~Anna Huckabee Tull


Thank you for reading. You are touching my heart and helping to carry me on my journey, as well as strengthening the connections we have as human beings here on Earth.

Nine years ago, I was diagnosed with rectal cancer. As I write this, I am gratefully living with it.

I am a 54-year-old (woo hoo!) mother of two boys, ages 13 and 10. I am married to a wonderful man and together, we have a nice, normal life filled with school activities, creative endeavors, family, friends, a dog and more blessings than I ever dreamed.

I am also living with “random” happenings in my life, convincing me that I am truly not alone, and that God is present and taking care of each of us every step of the way.

I deeply believe that there are many wonderful paths in this life, including ones that do not involve religion. Wherever you come from, regardless of faith or personal beliefs, we are connected to each other and to God if we want to be.

This blog is about the wonder and power of these connections in my life, and my attempts to listen when God speaks. I hope that it helps you to experience those connections in your life as well, and helps you to move forward.

You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.

-Tom Hiddleston

I wish you great love, deep peace, and God’s blessings, always. And a good laugh today, to go with it all!

Love and blessings,

P.S. Though I do not feel like I define myself by cancer, I have to admit that dealing with it has been a turning point in my life. So, if you are looking for more background on me, try these articles on the WBUR CommonHealth Blog describing:

Finally, my old blog is where I kept emails that I sent along the way to supportive and caring family and friends. But, here is where I am now.

Just before ziplining in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

15 thoughts on “About this blog and me

  1. Marie,

    It is inspiring to read these simple words above and I will now go on to read more of your posts. I consider myself to be “relatively” spiritual and always count my blessings so I wish you all the best wishes for a long future life. I was provided a link into your blog from a lovely girl, Maggie, who writes on our website and has also drawn inspiration from you…thank you.
    Should you ever feel inclined to write a guest post in order to go out to a larger audience it would be my pleasure to post it for you on our website.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog and will start as soon as I post this comment

    love and peace Gary

  2. Hi Marie, it is wonderful to find someone finding their way as you have so beautifully written .I have just stumbled on your page and do not know if I can stumble back ! – I am not the most technologically gifted -but still, it was a simple joy to read your post -thank you and I hope that you are doing well – we are all in this together and we will figure it out in this world or the next – i will probably bmp into you in the next (God wiling and give you a big hug!!! -a few years from now though 😉

    • Happy to bump into you here and you are always welcome back (stumbling or not – ha ha)! If you want, on the right side of the screen, there is a little box that says something like, “Follow on email.” If you put your email address in that box, you will get an email every time I post here (which is about once a week). And you can feel free to read or ignore, of course!

      Regardless, happy to see you and yes, a big hug in many years when we all are in heaven together, and a big virtual hug in the meantime!

  3. Hello Marie,
    I found my way to you through Jackie, a mutual friend – our sons play soccer together. I live on the Medford/Sville line. I too have a health issue that I am working through. I would love to connect with you some time by email or in person about your experience going to Brazil to see John of God. I send healing love and light.

    Kris K

  4. Marie,

    Thank you for your lovely blog, I trust I’ll go by John soon too.

    Regarding your physical experience, I just wanted to check with you that you’re aware of
    * That eating 35 bitter apricot kernels and having Chymotrypsin enzyme (as supplement pills, not sure) is a great idea, http://www.worldwithoutcancer.org.uk/
    * Having a Nagalase test is a good idea (related keyword here is GcMAF)
    * And more pheripherally, wheatgrass, carrot and other vegetable juices, as well as homemade kefir, are great

    I wish you the best and I clicked “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” here so if you write anything I should get updated. I’m not a professional on this topic or anything, it was just to share some ideas.

    Love and light,

    • Mi, Thank you so much, and I also appreciate that you are willing to follow up with this. I check out just about everything recommended to me, so I will check this out as well. The first two bullet points were COMPLETELY new to me, so I felt good that I do the third one! (Well, the wheatgrass and vegetable juice at least!)
      I really appreciate your sharing this. I found that I have learned and benefitted so much by others sharing their knowledge and experience. Sometimes it can feel risky to do that, because it is “outside the mainstream,” but there is value, like gold!, in all this. Thank you again for sharing this and I will check it out.

      Blessings to you,

  5. Hi Marie!

    Im blessed to drop by as i discover thing about you through your blog. I truly understand what you are going through. My family had been in the same situation 3 years ago. I’d like to encourage you that God never allowed things to happen in our lives for the sake of hurting rather He allowed it for the main purpose of learning. I hope i was able to encourage you and bring a spirit of peace of comfort in your life today.

    Know that someone is praying for you..

    Your sister in Christ,


    • Cherrylyn,
      I meant to respond to you long ago and then time passed. But I wanted to thank you for your kind words and to tell you that yes, you definitely encouraged me and helped me to feel peace. Thank you. I believe as you do but it always helps to hear it.

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