My own little prayer study and results

To clarify – I am not currently doing chemo. I am on a chemo holiday and would like to remain on a chemo holiday. To that end, the tumors need to shrink or stay stable.

So – the prayers I am regularly requesting from you are for the tumors to shrink or stay stable. Although I do a lot with my lifestyle to stay healthy, your prayers truly are my very best medicine right now.

My life experience convinces me of this. This week alone, within a 24-hour period, I got a message from

  • Tom sharing that his CEA (tumor marker) remains normal – woo hoo!
  • Deb rejoicing in her four- and possibly eight-week chemo holiday (I’m gunning for even more for her) AND
  • M amazed that her surgery AND recovery went better than the last time due to positive thoughts sent by friends. (I sent prayers along with positive thoughts – hope that was okay, my dear friend.)

All things for which we have specifically been praying. I LOVE it!

I will add one more to this list, although it requires sharing something that feels a bit personal. I have water from Lourdes and a few people suggested that I put it on the tumor sites and pray to Mary.

So, every morning, I do exactly that. Except, I only did that with one tumor site, the one that is between my liver and diaphragm.

During one of those prayers, I said something like, “I totally believe that you can take care of this, but it would be great to have a sign.”

At my last doctor appointment, he reviewed the CT scan with me and reported that two of the measurable tumors grew slightly. The other tumors they see but are too small to measure grew a bit as well. But the tumor between my liver and diaphragm, the one I have been praying over, was stable.

Yes, ONLY the tumor that I have been praying over is stable.

And yes, I then changed my approach to pray over ALL the tumors.

Like the prayers for Tom and Deb and M and me, I know that this works for you. Pray. Or send out positive thoughts regarding your life. Or tell me what you want me to pray for on your behalf, and I will do that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued prayers for my healing. I know they make a difference. My family and I are deeply grateful, as your prayers enable the life we have together.

Love and blessings,

P.S. You may be thinking, if everything has grown a little, why didn’t I jump back on chemo.

If you have been following this story for awhile, you know that one full year, and then another, revolved around chemo and surgery and other treatments. At some point, I switched it around. Chemo and treatments became part of my life, but, where I could help it, my life didn’t revolve around them, making all of us much happier.

It is summer and we have vacation plans and life needs to be lived. My doctor and I discussed several options, and we came to this conclusion together. I get tested again August and we will have another discussion then. So please keep on praying for tumor shrinkage or sending positive vibes if that is more your thing and giving thanks for the wonder that is life!

12 thoughts on “My own little prayer study and results

  1. Praying for you every day Marie – I’m looking forward to seeing longer & longer lists of prayer results on your blog! I am convinced that prayer helped lead to my good CEA results this week! And yes, I am a Ph.D scientist – but I for one believe that there are many many things about this Universe (including some medical results) that can’t be explained by human science alone… To maximize my lifespan, I take the treatments my CRC oncologist recommends, I work hard to live a very healthy lifestyle but I also pray each & every day!

  2. Thank you Marie for including me in your request for prayers, they are what have and are, keeping me alive :). I pray thatbyoubwill have good scans in August and can remain off chemo for a longer time 🙂

  3. I don’t know how prayers work but I know they do. Maybe it’s because they strengthen our connection to God and each other. I pray for your tumors to shrink or stay stable. I hope your summer continues to be amazing!

  4. Maybe this was the miracle John XXIII was needing? Praying for all-tumor shrinkage or sending positive vibes because that is my thing and giving thanks for the wonder that is life!

  5. Prayers AND positive thoughts coming your way from Greenville, Marie. I’m trying to save a little corner of each day to conjure you up and to send everything good thought I have in your direction.
    Love to all the Pechets,

  6. Praying right now…for all…

    XOXO, A

    ___ Anna Huckabee Tull Life Coaching and Song Crafting 86 Farmer’s Cliff Road Concord, MA 01742 (978) 254-5836

    If you could commission a song about anything…what would it be?

  7. I might not understand the medium but I do believe (much thanks to you, Marie) that we’re connected and our positive energy (and prayers) do make a difference. Thanks for inspiring me to use it. I think about you all the time, and can visualize those tumors shrinking. Much love,

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