Summer of Love

Because of your prayers and positive thoughts and good wishes, summer has been amazing.

The weather is hot and humid – just the way I think that summer should be.

We had friends at our house this weekend, then travelled to Pittsburgh on Sunday and Monday to visit my family and take the kids to Kennywood, the awesome local amusement park. On Tuesday night, I got to help host a Mexican-themed community cookout at the boathouse. Tonight, our neighborhood held a pizza party, then everyone shifted to our house for an  impromptu after-party.

Family and friends all around. That is also the way that I think that summer should be.

I know that I am fortunate to get to enjoy all of this and actually be fully part of it. In the quiet moments between the activity, I give thanks for you.

Thank you for helping to make my summer all that I love. I hope that you are also able to craft the summer you love, that you deeply enjoy it and know that you are blessed.


10 thoughts on “Summer of Love

  1. I’m so glad you are making lots of great summer memories with your family! I’m on a chemo break for 1 and maybe 2 months :). Summer is awesome !!!

    • As always, your blogs are wonderful reminders, Marie, to pay attention to all that is good and to be grateful. I was struck by your comment that “the weather is hot and humid–just the way you think summer should be.” Several of us have been complaining about the heat and humidity–and here you were embracing what is, and enjoying. I’m so glad you are having such a good summer and thank you for sending this blog, as always. Love, Lisa

    • Debbie, I am so happy that I could cry! I have been thinking of and praying for you and I keep wanting to reach out but then life kept intervening so I kept sending good thoughts your way. I LOVE THIS! Oh happy summer!

  2. We all deserve to enjoy summer! Especially you. I love how you opened your house yesterday to neighborhood kids. The yard is enough! but you were generous and gracious as always. Remember that you are hope.

  3. Marie – in a summer filled with updates about George Zimmerman and Whitey Bulgar and Stop/Question/Frisk this story of neighborhood neighborliness is JUST what we all need.

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