Great Expectations

Usually I feel energized after acupuncture, so I look forward to the appointment, and then revel in the feeling afterwards. But this morning after my appointment, I was disappointed to drive away feeling tired instead of energized.

Of course, there was reason to be tired. Our busy weekend included lots of driving and attending the MA state gymnastics meet to watch our seven-year-old son compete.

I never competed state-wide for anything, so I was already amazed to be there, even as an observer. I hoped to see his display good behavior, a solid performance and a fun time with his friends.

We watched him closely in each event, and his performance and scores were solid. There were a lot of good competitors, but he could be proud of his performance. He was also a good teammate and having fun. How he placed felt secondary to us, and we all enjoyed the meet itself.

In the end, he placed 6th in rings, 6th all around, and first in the high bar. First in high bar in the state. Wow.

He was rightfully proud, and we were thrilled for him. We took lots of photos and made a fuss over his medals. Having no expectations to win made it feel like icing on the cake, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

Maybe I needed to get rid of my expectations around acupuncture (and lots of other things outside my control) and then I could enjoy whatever I won from it. And then simply move onto the next thing.

After the meet, during the long drive home, he called from the backseat.

“Mom, look at this!”

I assumed it would be something related to his medals. I looked back at him still wearing his uniform and the medals around his neck. He pointed to his mouth as he blew a big bubble with his gum and smiled. The gymnastics meet? So 15 minutes ago. He was having fun meeting the next challenge in front of him. I am thrilled that he is still only seven, after all.