Emerging after Spiritual Surgery

I just returned from a fun night at Frutti’s, the local (juice and smoothie) bar. I have to be up early tomorrow but wanted to do a quick summary of the 24+ hours since I last posted.

Yesterday’s surgery went well. From the outside, it looks like this: You sit in a room with a number of other people, your eyes closed and right hand over your heart. Music plays in the background, some prayers are said, then you sit for awhile longer until you are told that your surgery is over.

From the inside, it feels different each time. This time, I feel like I was fully aware of my body. My mind did wander occasionally, but otherwise, I was able to consciously hold an intention.

After the surgery, you stay in your room resting for 24 hours.

That’s a long time to rest, but I know it is important. Again, each experience is different. This time, it felt a bit like a dud for the first few hours. I wasn’t wiped out, I didn’t feel any differently, I didn’t have any visions or hear any messages.

After a few hours, some events started, and I can describe a few.

One was that I was in a lot of pain. I typically have some “ouch points” on my body but luckily, usually only one acts up at a time. This time, they were playing a symphony together. It did eventually quiet down, but wow. On top of that, I got really hot, as though I had a fever. My skin was hot to the touch. On top of all that, I felt like vomiting.

I thought about finding the group leader, but I know (from acupuncture) that when energy is running through my body, it heats up. Just never that intense before.

When I finally got out of bed, I noticed  an indentation in my body on my right side under my ribs. A very definite indentation that wasn’t there before.

During the day, I saw flickers of light in my room and on the patio. They looked like this:

Reflections at Crater Lake

This photo is from Crater Lake in Oregon, showing the sunlight reflecting off the water. The flickers I saw were very similar, all kind of a silvery-white light fluttering in the air. Very cool.

I’m loving this because I asked the entities not to use spiritual anesthesia, that I wanted to feel that they were working on me. (What was I thinking???) I also wanted a sign that something was happening. AND, I wanted to “see” something. In the past, I heard voices but friends had seen lights and shapes and whatever. So of course I thought it would be cool to see something (even though I was kind of scared to, at the same time).

I am excited that I did get what I asked for on all three counts, and greedy me knows that there is even more.

Tomorrow, I go to current, which means that I will sit for however long (usually 3+ hours) with my eyes closed sending energy to everyone else going through the line.

Right now, sending love to you and headed to bed!

Love and blessings,

First day with John of God

On the way to breakfast, I ran into Elena. She laughingly told me how she had just shampooed and her shower went pfft. I asked her what she did and she said, “That is it. No rinse.” I silently gave thanks, not just for hot water but for water at all.

After breakfast, we took the short walk to the Casa to see John of God. Though we arrived early enough to get a seat, I still got a bit claustrophobic in the crowds. After awhile, I left my seat and sat outside for a bit, then stood by the door the rest of the time.

This place draws a mixed crowd, from every walk of life. Older people and babies and every age in between. All styles of dress, though almost everyone adhered to the all-white dress code. Though some people were in obvious physical distress, most people looked just like anyone you might meet in your daily life. Understandably, there are no photos allowed.

After an hour or two of meditating, praying and listening to speeches, our the line started, then moved quickly. A warm entity (not sure which one) was inhabiting John of God today. Like last year, right after I saw him, I had about 10 minutes of free-flowing tears. Where do these things come from?

Anyway, I am scheduled for an invisible surgery this afternoon. Following that surgery is a 24-hour lockdown period (otherwise known as a spiritual recovery period or spiritual ICU) where we stay in our rooms and sleep or just be quiet. So I will be offline for at least 24 hours, though meals will be delivered.

Have a beautiful and blessed day!