Checking into the hotel

I got one of the new rooms, constructed sometime in the past year.

Here is my bed, with fresh towels and an instruction booklet for getting around here. There is a patio next to the bed (through the sliding doors).

My bed in Hotel San Raphael

The closet comes with a blanket, about six hangers (you know I packed way more than that) and three rolls of toilet paper.

The Closet

Nice tile on the shower wall. No shower curtain, which is fine.

The shower

If you look closely at the shower head, you will see the electrical cords that provide the power to heat the water.

Shower head

Just outside my room is construction for a new patio.


That is a board attached to the wall with the metal pieces (only on the left). It is meant to¬†protect one from falling a full story You may also recognize the¬†pack-n-play on the side. Don’t worry – it holds tools, not a baby.

Still, this place is really clean and warm and friendly, which magically transforms all of these into simply heartwarming quirks of a foreign culture.