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Each month, for the past twelve months following Marie Pechet’s passing I have, with her blessing, carried her Blog forward, sharing about Marie in ways that I hope you have found meaningful, connective, and honoring of our shared friend. This month is the anniversary of Marie’s death, and the final blog entry on Adventures in Spiritual Living.


Dear Marie,

I am writing to you on behalf of all of us, and I have every confidence you are hearing me, in your own way, because it seems you always do.

We – all of us – are not the same without you. We’ve had a year to deal with the shock, the loss, the pain, the sadness, the sweet reminders, the loneliness, and the new little surprises and serendipities, filling in the places where you used to be.

We are not the same without you because we have lost you and we can’t have you back.

We are not the same.

But we are better.

We are better for having loved you and been loved by you. Better for having read your words  – so many of them – and been lifted up by the feelings of hope you felt, and translated over for us. We are better because we believed in you, turned to you, listened to you, laughed and smiled  along with you. We are better because you managed to be an authentic, honest and bright light while facing challenges and losses most of us can’t even imagine.

We are better because you reminded us that we are lucky to be alive – and that that aliveness is precious, and worth waking up to, over and over again, no matter how many times we forget.

We are better because we healed you. You asked us to send energy to assist you along the path and we did. And that made us better people. Not just because we tried, but because we succeeded. Your path was eased by our love, and for that we are so glad.

You wanted to connect, to feel better, and to find your way to the other side of the pain. And you have.

Your journey was of a higher quality because you dared to WANT to stay here as long as you could, and because you dared to ASK FOR and RECEIVE our help.

It seems best to close this blog with your own words. I found these from 2012. You were speaking to each of us, as you will continue to do, I believe, if only we will open our hearts and listen:

“You are part of the healing process as well. We each have a role in everything we touch, and your touch in my life feels like grace. 

Thank you.


~Anna Huckabee Tull

This completes Marie’s Blog, Adventures in Spiritual Living. The Blog will likely remain up in an altered state where it can be seen but no longer added to with comments.

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Thanks for an amazing journey of healing for me.    –Anna