Weekend health update

Last weekend, we suddenly had the opportunity to take a trip I’ve dreamed about for the past 10 years. We were scheduled to leave on Saturday morning.

On Friday night before we were to leave, I couldn’t sleep. I had so much pressure in my back that I felt like gas could come out of my left kidney.

Eventually I put my hand on my back and found that my shirt was soaked. The bandage around the tubes was soaked. That can’t be good. It was 1:30 a.m. and I reluctantly woke my husband.

We cleaned the area and replaced the bandage. My husband explained that the kidney was unable to empty via the stent. The contents had to go somewhere, so they filled the tubes in my back. Once the tubes filled, the kidney kept emptying but overflowing out of the holes in my back.

Since this was coming out of the tubes, we hooked the tubes to the bag. Ugh. I was really looking forward to getting my big girl stent and getting rid of these tubes. Now I not only had the tubes, but a longer tube attached to them and a bag.

I didn’t want to wear yet another bag. And with about six hours to go until we left for our trip, I wasn’t comfortable traveling. I didn’t know how often I needed to empty this bag, whether there would be upcoming complications, or even how to dress to hide the contraption.

We decided that my husband and one of the boys would do the trip, and I would stay home with the other. As they travelled west, I sat around in my bathrobe all day feeling sorry for myself.

On Sunday, I pulled myself together and tried to get dressed.

At the same time, another situation required my attention. Although the bag for my left kidney was filling regularly, my right kidney still emptied via my bladder. However, I hadn’t emptied my bladder all Saturday and most of the day on Sunday. I tried, but nothing.

After calling three different doctors, I decided to go to the ER.

Once there, they catheterized me and at some point during this process, the urologist suggested that they might send me home WITH THE CATHETER! Suddenly, the nephrostomy bag didn’t seem a such a big deal. Perspective, huh?

Thankfully, they removed the catheter before I left, and they alerted the various doctors that I needed to see later that week.

I did a phone check-in with my primary care doctor. (Love her.)

I saw the urologist on Tuesday – no real problems they could find.

And on Friday, tomorrow, I have a procedure at 6:30 a.m. to see what is going on with the stent. What they find determines our next steps.

So, more conscious sedation. But hopefully more answers as well.

I would LOVE any prayers that this is all simple and straightforward and that I can get my big-girl J-J stent! Thank you.

I hope that your weekend was fun and exciting in positive ways!

Love and blessings,

Someone pointed out that I make this all sound so easy, so just to add some dimension:

  • I did have to find someone to take care of our son before I left for the ER.
  • This time, I texted around to find a ride to the ER rather than take an Uber.
  • Once at the ER, two friends came to visit. But that environment is a harsh and draining place and definitely took a toll on one of them who stayed for the long haul. I get it.
  • On Tuesday, my husband cancelled all his plans until we heard what time the follow-up doctor could squeeze me into their schedule, so that he could go with me.

My new goal is to have one full week without a single visit to the hospital!

8 thoughts on “Weekend health update

  1. You are amazing. So glad to hear you asked for a ride to the ER and that there were two friends to keep you company. Sending you prayers for a good outcome during your procedure on Friday and smooth sailing after that!

  2. Never sounds easy to me. But also very hard to imagine the enormous stress of it all on top of feeling horrible. I know I could not do it no matter what. You are a strong woman, my dear.


    On Thursday, October 13, 2016, Adventures in Spiritual Living wrote:

    > Marie Colantoni Pechet posted: “Last weekend, we suddenly had the > opportunity to take a trip I’ve dreamed about for the past 10 years. We > were scheduled to leave on Saturday morning. On Friday night before we were > to leave, I couldn’t sleep. I had so much pressure in my back that I fel” >

  3. Sorry you had to miss out on the trip. Bummer!
    There is nothing easy about any of it, but having a good attitude goes a long way. Helpers are vital, especially when childcare is part of the equation. I’m glad you’ve got people near by who are willing to help.
    Will pray for smooth sailing at tomorrow’s appointment–good luck!

    • Thanks! You are right – attitude helps. Thank goodness it was after my pity party about the bag. I think of you so much these days! And, yes, I am so lucky to have help with the kids for sure. Thanks for the prayers!

  4. You are amazing. The light of that sweater is going to deflect all negativity. I have a cream one that an old Micmac native Canadian gifted me. She said she wanted me to have it to protect me. I’m going to think of yours the same way. Xo


  5. Yikes, yikes, yikes! By now (6:30 pdt), hopefully you’re resting comfortably, saying “Well, that wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought!” Sending you warm thoughts from the warm (and soon to be drenched) west coast….

  6. I thank God for giving you the strength to handle all these “complications’ with such grace. May He/She continue to hold you up.

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