Chemo today (Thursday)

This first week of school started off great for both boys, and now I head into chemo. Normally, chemo is on Tuesday but because of the Labor Day holiday this week and my last-minute schedule change, there was no room in the infusion room. So, Thursday it is.

My body is still processing the anesthesia from last Friday’s procedure, which means that I am really tired a lot of the time and have mild nausea. Not a great way to go into chemo, but I know that I need this session so I will soldier forth!

Any prayers and positive thoughts are welcome, and we all appreciate your support. Thank you.


19 thoughts on “Chemo today (Thursday)

  1. love and blessing Marie,

    I am on my way to vote in the primary today. Recalling that I saw you last year.

    At least plan to get to the polls Tuesday NOV 8 BEFORE you go to chemo.

    love, Harriet

  2. Hi Marie, I hear you, a brave choice on your part to take on chemo when you aren’t feeling great. I will be praying for you to weather it reasonably well. You are absolutely courageous and strong. Your kids are starting a new school year and they can look forward to being with you after school each day. I know first hand how much Selena and Alec value that experience. I am not trying to encourage you to take on more treatment than you can bear, just want to emphasize your efforts provide great value to your family.

  3. I am cheering you on, Marie! I’ve been avidly following your latest adventures, and am amazed and inspired by your strength. You’ve GOT THIS!
    Keep up the good work!
    All of my positude flowing your way….

  4. Thinking of you, Marie. I was away for a chunk of August and just caught up on your blog. I’m so sorry about the surgeries. I’m thinking of you and sending love. Your spirit and openness continue to inspire me to no end. Hang in. xoxoxo

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