As life continues…

Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts. Two weeks ago, when I went for chemo…

  1. My white cell count was smack dab in the normal range. Yay!!!
  2. They lowered the dose of both the Ativan and Benadryl, which gave me less of a hangover the next day and
  3. The chemo itself went well.

So, all good, and I don’t take it for granted. Thank you.

During these past two weeks, I’ve had much less pain and far fewer instances of instantaneous drop-dead exhaustion. Still, I live as though I might return to all that. Possibly because my life has been like that for so long, I am in the habit of living that way. I continue to carefully allocate my energy, not exerting myself too much (read: at all). When I do have abdominal pain, I stop and wait and see if it is simply passing or planning to linger. Mostly, it passes! But again, I don’t take it for granted.

My life might also continue to feel the same because so much of what we do is part of the flow of our lives from day to day. For example, I have always loved to cook. But because I haven’t been able to reliably cook, I have fallen out of the rhythm of cooking. Now, when I want to cook something, it feels like a big project. It is the same with other aspects of life, like riding bikes with the kids or doing projects around the house. Anything I do takes a lot of start up energy. But I’m working on that!

The kids and my husband are chugging along with our summer plans and I’m grateful when friends draw me out to do something new and different, or even to just connect. I hope you are enjoying the season where you are.

I head back into chemo on Tuesday, August 16 and appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts you can send my way for a safe and effective chemo session. I truly appreciate your support.

Love and blessings,

5 thoughts on “As life continues…

  1. Sending all the good healing energy I can gather from Canada. And I personally think they have lots of good energy up here (plus of course BC bud — a high quality pot, I am told). 🇨🇦 You will be inside my heart big time tomorrow. ❤️

    Sent by magic ⭐️


  2. Love and Blessings to you Marie,

    Summer is almost as exhausting as winter …beach vacation, visitors, etc. This weekend, we are headed to a wedding in a state park an hour from Harrisburg with no cell signal for 30 miles?! We have bought some walkie-talkies…. and have chosen to sleep in the town 30 miles away. More later … Love, Harriet

    On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 9:12 PM, Adventures in Spiritual Living wrote:
    er the next day a” >

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