Good people

I start a new chemo regimen tomorrow (Tuesday) and I have to admit that I am a bit apprehensive. Thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts, and your support of me and my family in every way.

It is so hard for me to articulate the various ways in which your support graces our lives, but a friend sent this to me, from Father Fleming’s blog It describes so many ways in which you are there for us and letting holy light shine through you. Thank you. I would love to be as supportive to you, and always hope that you don’t need it!


 I’ve been noticing, Lord, how many good people
really good people, are part of my life.
generous people
who selflessly give…
those who are kind,
without pretense or guile…
folks who forgive,
whose pardon is healing…
the ones who are holy
and don’t even know it…
folks who are gentle,
never harsh, rough or coarse…
those who are strong,
whose help lifts me up…
the ones who are pure
in thought, word and deed…
those of conviction
whose zeal never flags…
friends who are faithful
whose love never fades…
those who are happy
with genuine joy…
the honest ones, Lord,
whose truth is a gift…
folks of compassion
with patience unending…
friends who are loyal
when needed the most…
those who help me
without my asking…
people of prayer
whose presence is peace…
Good people, O Lord,
so many good people there are in my life…
They’re more generous and kind,
forgiving and holy;
gentler, stronger, purer by far;
more deeply convicted, faithful and joyful;
more honest, compassionate, loyal and helpful;
more thoughtful and prayerful
than I…
Make me grateful for these, Lord,
and teach me their ways,
these people, these friends
whose goodness is yours…

14 thoughts on “Good people

  1. Marie, We went hiking earlier this summer to Lindisfarne Holy Island and I thought of you and the pilgrimages you have made near and far. Know that I’m thinking and praying for you. Keep going. I’m sure these stages are exhausting but you know also how good it is when you get through these. I am cheering for you. Much love and maybe the political conventions will give you something to laugh about 🙂 Xo Heidi

  2. That’s beautiful Marie. Isn’t it ironic that because of going through something so hard you discover and are surrounded by so many good people… Sending love,


  3. I am wondering if I can visit you? This weekend?  Anytime?I am at Dana Farber this morn for a biopsy…….but probably would be inappropriate to look for you…..Let me know…Big hugs..xx

    • I wanted to try and connect with you when I got my CT scan, because you were there the same day, but I never got my act together. I hope you are doing well. What a path! Thanks for being such an uplifting person. By lifting yourself, you lift us all!

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