Make that Door #2…

It has been wonderful to have this week off chemo. My energy is picking up, and I’m using some of the time to prepare for the new chemotherapy. Since I learned that a possible side effect is a rash on my head that may require a special shampoo, I, of course, worried HOW WOULD I COLOR MY HAIR???

Thankfully, the salon had an opening and I zipped over there to get it colored today. The mixture had been sitting on my hair for the allotted time and my hair stylist was just about to rinse it off when I got a call from an “Unknown” number. Had to be the doctor.

And indeed it was. My oncologist wanted to let me know that my urine protein level was too high to qualify for the clinical trial. He reassured me that that number doesn’t mean anything bad for my overall health, and as far as cancer treatment goes, Plan B (Door #2)  was essentially the same as one possible path of the clinical trial. So thankfully it wasn’t devastating news.

My doctor is a mensch and made it clear that he would take the time I needed to discuss this with him. And I didn’t want to cut him off, but my hairdresser was ready to rinse out my hair dye and tapping his last season Pradas. (Okay, he doesn’t wear Pradas and if he did, they wouldn’t be LAST season – but I just love the movie Legally Blonde and couldn’t resist.)

I finally thanked my doctor and told him that I had hair coloring to be rinsed out. Priorities. He just laughed and said, “Can’t wait to see your hair on Tuesday.”

So, we go with the new plan on Tuesday. In the meantime, I have fresh color and a short cut!

12 thoughts on “Make that Door #2…

  1. Marie – those salon chemicals will give you cancer. Make sure he rinses THOROUGHLY. And make him look for organic dyes next time.

  2. Wouldn’t it be better to do the new chemo outside of the trial so you are sure what chemicals you are getting and not worry that you are getting a placebo?

    • That’s a good point, Ginny. I wasn’t worried about getting a placebo – I have had that third drug for years and the side effects are very distinctive. So while they say it is a blind test, it wouldn’t really be to me. I don’t know if I could get it on my own – maybe if I pushed I could – but we decided to take a break from it for now because that is the drug that is raising my urine protein. While I am not in trouble with it right now, maybe if I take a break, that can come down too. Thanks for thinking about this!!

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