Summer camp

Chemo today, Tuesday. Very much appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts for an easy but effective chemo session through Thursday, and also very much appreciate your understanding and support of our family as we go through this. Thank you.

The kids are done with school and we are transitioning to summer. The first couple of days are always bumpy for us as we switch to summer mode. I noticed that other moms went on a mom-son trip for the first days after school. What a great idea! But I didn’t do that and we bumbled along, adjusting to a new routine.

Fortunately, that lasted only for a couple of days. Our younger son started baseball camp on Monday. It was a last-minute decision and we didn’t get to check and see what other friends might be attending, but he was excited nonetheless as I dropped him off.

My personal highlight was that I got to pick him up at the end of the day. Since I got really sick in March, I haven’t been able to pick him up from school. The fifteen-minute drive, the waiting in the pickup line, and the drive home was just too much.

But, yesterday, I was able to pick him up after camp! He got into the car, bubbly and excited about his day. His bright smile was nonstop and he smelled of summer. And, without prompting, he talked with me about his day! I heard that many friends from his current school were in camp, as well as a friend from his old school who he was thrilled to see again. He got to practice catching grounders and pop-ups, and he felt like his skills were solid enough that he wasn’t going to embarrass himself. He had no problem passing the swim test, though the water was “probably 33 degrees!” (Fahrenheit)

It was energizing and fun and I felt more connected to him and his life. I miss the opportunity to hear that detail. Admittedly, it is rare – my boys don’t tend to talk about their day at all. But I was glad to be there when it happened. By the time he got home, his mind was onto something else.

Because I will have chemo, I can’t do the drive the rest of the week. I’m grateful to those who are driving the boys around. I don’t hate my life, and I do appreciate what I have. But it is these daily events that I miss the most and can leave me feeling disconnected.

It’s cool but clearly summer here in New England. Wherever you are, whatever your life is today, I hope you get to enjoy the daily events that keep you connected to your life and to the core of who you are and want to be.

Much love,

7 thoughts on “Summer camp

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you Marie. It was nice to read that you collected your child from school and you had a good chat about the day. Children make you laugh. I don’t know about yours but when i pick my daughter up I ask what she has had for dinner and she says “I can’t remember” well have you had a good day and what have you been doing says I, she can’t remember that either. Is there a hole in the fence that they sneak out of once we have dropped them off lol. God Bless xx

  2. Great post! I love that you love pickup. It’s one of those fleeting experiences we should all cherish. Thanks for sharing.
    Xo hugs today

    Good luck today.


  3. Caroline calls unexpected moments where joy wins “Bliss Blips.” Kudos to you for taking the time to enjoy, reflect and save a yours. Prayers for an easy week. CB

  4. What a wonderful way to connect to your son. And I know how hard it can be to get boys to talk about their day. Cash went to a Jedi camp last week and it was like pulling teeth to get him to tell me about it! Much love to you Marie!

  5. Ah, dear Marie:
    Next time you pass by a mirror, please stop and smile and say thank you to yourself from all of your readers! I so appreciate this glimpse into your blessed camp pick up. It is truly by diving into a sea of gratitude for these “ordinary” moments that our lives shine.
    Sending light and beauty to surround you in these chemo days.
    With love,

  6. so glad you got to experience this… those moments are so fleeting. I never took for granted all those pickup days and conversations until i went back to work full time and now never get to be part of that part of their day. what a treat. praying for you this week and sending you hugs from afar. xo martha

  7. Mmmm – yes, I love these “connectable moments,” and I all-too-often fail to take advantage of them. So glad you’re getting the chance to climb out of the blargh and enjoy some (And thank you, as always, for reminding me to cherish the ones that I do have the chance to take!)

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