Request for prayers and positive thoughts

I go into chemo tomorrow, Tuesday, with the process starting at 9:10 a.m. and finishing sometime on Thursday afternoon.

Prayers and positive thoughts welcome, for a chemo that goes after the tumors but leaves my healthy cells alone, and a quick recovery. Thank you!

Blessings to you always,


11 thoughts on “Request for prayers and positive thoughts

  1. Dearest Marie

    Praying for you all the time and I so loved your last post. I am going to try and pop in next week.

    With love


  2. Consider it done, sweet Marie. You will come out of this dancing and skipping along like you did when you were 10 y/o. Big Hug and Much Love.

  3. Absolutely, Marie.  I am picturing the chemo going straight to the tumor cells and ignoring the strong, healthy cells.  I see the  strong cells linking arms as if to say “you can’t get us!”  Hang in there.Much love,Aunt Joey

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