Choosing life

From Dt 30:19-20

I have set before you life and death,
the blessing and the curse.

Choose life, then,
that you and your descendants may live, by loving the LORD, your God,
heeding his voice, and holding fast to him.

For that will mean life for you,
a long life for you to live on the land that the LORD swore
he would give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”

Many of you are carrying crazy big burdens, yet you reach out to support me. Thank you. I’m not sure how you do it, dealing with your own stuff and still supporting me in mine.

When my attitude and outlook toward life remain good, that helps me with any other hassles. I typically wake up expecting good things to happen, and assume that we could surely handle the occasional not-so-ideal.

But when my attitude tanks, like now, I become dazed and confused and feel like I am in a hole that I can’t get out of. Over the past few weeks, we’ve had one surprise hit after another, leaving me constantly on the lookout for the other shoe to drop.

I don’t like living that way. I prefer to anticipate wonderful surprises around every corner. It’s far more energizing for me. But I can’t seem to will myself into that place.

So here I sit, waiting for the next mini-crisis, and I know I am not the first to be in this position.

Luckily, I have supportive friends. Some remind me that these events are likely part of a cycle that will run its course, some share their similar experiences and learnings, and others simply let me know they are there or even make me laugh. All of that helps.

In addition, I’ve had the honor of being close to friends when they are going through a major downturn, such as a cancer diagnosis, or a spouse suddenly (or not so suddenly) die, or a child who is going through trying times.

It doesn’t feel like an honor at the time. Upon hearing that news, my first reaction is generally shock and disbelief. As the news settles in, the sadness is overwhelming and I want to believe that it is not true at all, or that we could make it simply go away. And of course, the Type A in me wants to DO something, though I never know what.

Upon reflection, to be close to someone during that time – to be invited in when someone is in that open, difficult, heartrending place – is truly an honor.

During my own difficult times, I gain inspiration and hope as I reflect on the actions of these friends. I recently noticed that most, if not all of them, have something in common: At every turn, they choose life. At every moment where there is a decision to be made, they choose the most life-affirming one for them, a small action that, step by step, brings them back to life.

Examples include exercising, taking a vacation, practicing their art, returning to work and a regular schedule. Not that these specific actions are the “answer.” It is more that that person chose each action because it was the very thing in that moment that helped to energize and breathe life back into them. They made one life-affirming decision at a time.

So thank you for letting me in. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your example of your life. Though I get tired and discouraged at times, this too will pass. And in the meantime, at each decision point during the day, I will do my best to follow your example and make the life-giving choice.

Blessings and light,

Full reading below:

Reading 1 Dt 30:15-20

Moses said to the people:

“Today I have set before you
life and prosperity, death and doom.

If you obey the commandments of the LORD, your God,
which I enjoin on you today,
loving him, and walking in his ways,
and keeping his commandments, statutes and decrees,
you will live and grow numerous,
and the LORD, your God,
will bless you in the land you are entering to occupy.

If, however, you turn away your hearts and will not listen,
but are led astray and adore and serve other gods,
I tell you now that you will certainly perish;
you will not have a long life
on the land that you are crossing the Jordan to enter and occupy.

I call heaven and earth today to witness against you:

I have set before you life and death,
the blessing and the curse.

Choose life, then,
that you and your descendants may live, by loving the LORD, your God,
heeding his voice, and holding fast to him.

For that will mean life for you,
a long life for you to live on the land that the LORD swore
he would give to your fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.”


7 thoughts on “Choosing life

  1. Dear Marie

    I am so very very sorry that you are having to face a round of, as you call them, “mini crises” …

    Not sure what they entail, but I DO KNOW that if you are being made to feel “down” because of them, that’s OK! Part of living, as you WELL REALIZE, is experiencing the difficult as well as the wonderful and joyous

    I hope and pray that many of these problems/events that are so troubling you now will soon dissipate and give way to a renewed sense hope and wonderment

    All my love


  2. Dear dear Marie,
    I know the place you speak of.
    I have been there. For me it often takes the form of “don’t anybody put a needle in me or operate on me again!”
    And of course they do .
    If it is about loneliness or people letting me down I have a post it that says : “Just do the next right thing.”
    That always gets me through ….

  3. I love you Marie. May only loving techs, nurses and fellow patients be in your space today. May Gods light lift you and surround you. May his light shine through you to all On similar journeys today. Lois

    Sent from my iPad


  4. Marie, you not only choose life but you are elbowing your way to the front of the crowd! Thank you for fighting so hard. It is worth it. And thank you for this beautiful blog post.

    I am sorry you have been burdened by a lot of hassles lately. This too shall pass.

  5. So glad that you have such close friends in your life. When I am at my lowest, Matt Maher’s music helps, esp. his “Saints and Sinners” album. Hoping and praying for a break from stress and chaos for you.

  6. Hi Marie! I know exactly how you feel about being in a hole and waiting for something else to happen. That’s how it’s been here. I need a break! My oldest son suffered another concussion in December and miss over three weeks of school. In addition, he has missed random days for one illness or another. Nothing serious, but so frustrating catching up on school work when it’s a struggle with him on a good day. My sister in law passed unexpectedly of an apparent heart attack at the age of 55. We are still in disbelief. I know we still have two more “shoes to fall”…my husbands aunt is on hospice and my nephews mother in law is losing her fight against ALS. His young children, 3, 1 and one due in May, will lose both grandmothers within months of each other. It has been a heck of a year so far. I want to go hang on a beach for at least a month to forget about things for a while but that won’t happen and I will have to keep dreaming!

    Thank you for the updates! You are always in my thoughts and hang in there! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone


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