Living your best life

This recent blog post by my friend Tom powerfully describes one of the ways to “beat cancer.”

More than One Way to Beat Cancer: David Bowie 1947-2016

While I suggest you click on the link to get the full impact, in case you don’t, I want to highlight the two paragraphs below (from the blog):

Regardless of whether you are a fan of David Bowie’s music or not – this is an incredible act of beating cancer.  David Bowie used his cancer as a creative force channeled through his lifelong artistic vision.  He turned his death from cancer into yet another work of art, to spring onto an unsuspecting world like so many of his other career milestones throughout his life.  David Bowie’s career was one of constant reinvention, often in surprising and unsuspected ways.  This final transformation to the afterlife was his final signature artistic event.  An artist dying on his own terms, in a way that celebrated his own unique vision of life.  It was the furthest thing from being “beaten by cancer”.

Not all of us cancer survivors are international music superstars.  But we can take inspiration from David Bowie.  I hope as many of us as possible can be medically cured.  For those that can’t, we can beat cancer in many other ways.  By not allowing it to negatively change us.  To keep living the best life we can, on our own terms, for as physically long as we can.

Me again. Keep living your best life. Now.

And if you are part of the CRC crowd, Tom’s blog posts are a fantastic resource, so do check those out.

Sending love to you.


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