The other day, we had a rare hailstorm. Huge balls of hail dropped suddenly and pounded so loudly that I thought someone was stomping inside our house.

Photo courtesy of Ann Sweeney

Photo courtesy of Ann Sweeney

Once I realized what it was, I watched in amazement through the screen door. I love extreme weather…as long as I feel safe.

Backyard hailstorm August 2015

The storm continued as I watched in awe, then I realized that I needed to pick up the kids from camp. Knowing that I would need to park the car and walk into the building to sign them out, and they would have to walk back with me, I grabbed a couple of umbrellas and hoped that was enough preparation.

Really, though, I hoped the storm would stop and I wouldn’t have to deal with it live and in person. I didn’t want dents in my car and I didn’t want to be pelted as I walked. But I couldn’t delay any longer. Even if I wasn’t excited about it, I was going to have to step into the hail one way or another.

Just before I left, a friend texted me: What are you doing?

I quickly responded: About to drive into a hailstorm.

I laughed when I realized that this is pretty much my life. I seem to frequently drive into these sudden storms. Here goes another, though literally.

Thankfully, in the moment between that text and the time I started my car, the hail stopped and the sun shined brightly.

I hope that, if you feel like you are heading into a hailstorm, it clears up before it hits you. And if it doesn’t clear up, I know you will deal with it somehow. I hope for the best for you, always. And even a hailstorm can bring its own wonder.

I will try to remember this myself as I head into a CT scan on Monday. Thank you for any and all good wishes and prayers!


4 thoughts on “Hailstorm

  1. “And even a hailstorm can bring its own wonder.” I love that! There are blessings all around, we just need to be on the lookout.

    Praying for peace and a good report on Monday. We can do hard things!!

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