Energy boost

After the last chemo, I laid around for more days than I would like. My energy was low and I didn’t have much to write; each day looked like the one before it.

Despite my low ability to get around, we decided to go ahead with a planned trip to Naples, Florida. Last Tuesday, with quite a bit of help, I was able to travel with my family. Once we arrived, I spent the first two days in bed while they explored the beach and pool. For me, it was more of the same, just new surroundings, but the kids were having fun and it was nice to have some new scenery.

A friend of mine, a wonderful woman I met on one of my trips to see John of God in Abadiania, Brazil, lives in Naples. She had JUST returned to town (again from Abadiania, Brazil) and texted me on Wednesday morning that, that very night, there would be a crystal bowl meditation with a focus on the Divine Mother. Did I want to go?

Wow. Crystal bowls, meditation and Divine Mother. Any one of those would get me there. Yes.

With some effort, I got dressed, put on make-up and made my way downstairs, where my friend picked me up.

The meditation was being held in a salt cave. More coolness (even literally). We arrived early so that I could sit near the large crystal gifted to the owner from John of God and the entities. (That is a story in itself.)

Before the session began, the owner showed my friend and me some of the bowls she would be playing, and I suddenly felt Shira beside me, smiling and laughing. Of course. Shira was the first one to introduce me to crystal bowls and sound healing, and she owned a few that she played beautifully. They gave her much joy. And another connection: Shira traveled to Brazil with my friend even before I did! I loved feeling her there with both of us.

The meditation lasted about an hour and a half, and afterwards, I got to visit with my friend, staying up later than I had in weeks. These events shifted my energy for the rest of the trip. The next day, I could get out of bed early, leave the room, enjoy the resort, and even eat a couple of real meals of solid food! That may not sound like much, but it was a big shift for me.

I remain surprised and grateful for the things that arise to keep me going. Deep gratitude to my friend for initiating all this.

And I hope that, as you read this, you know that you are on your way to your next energy boost as well. You never know where it will come from, or whose energy you will boost by your thoughtful actions!


8 thoughts on “Energy boost

  1. Dear Marie

    It’s wonderful to hear that you were able to go to Florida and to find these sources of strength and encouragement. Thinking of you and wishing you continued strength and light and joy.



  2. I love that you shifted it by deciding to get on the plane and go to the sacred bowl gathering. In Hebrew I’ve recently learned that the word Yira, much like shira, means fear you should embrace and go through because like your trip, it propels you forward. To more Yira and shira for us both. We are inmontreal, rented out house for the month and excited to travel until August 3. I hope your July is easy and joyful.
    Xo h


  3. Love this post chica. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. Especially grateful in advance for the Glennon tickets. I’ll give you a full report when you’re feeling better after chemo. ❤️

    Sent by magic ⭐️


  4. Hello Beautiful,
    Blessings on your sacred singing bowl vibrations and hang out time with Shira-love!!
    Thinking of you and sending love.

  5. So glad to read your ever-inspirational post and to learn you were able to travel. Sending you all best today and every day!

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