Angels around us

Despite the woes of the past three weeks, this week has been fabulous so far. I’ve been up and around and even able to go to our son’s baseball game! So things are looking much better than they were last week (though still working on that clean out…details, I suppose.)

I have to share this story from early in the week, because I LOVE this kind of thing!

Wanting to give my colon every chance to work, I put myself on a (mostly) liquid diet.

One day (I think it was Monday), I started the day with almond mylk that a neighbor and friend generously (and regularly) makes for me.

A few hours later, I stared into the fridge. My dilemma: Without “eating,” I didn’t have the energy to juice or make soup. I could have almond mylk again, but I didn’t see anything I could really eat.

The doorbell rang and I was happily surprised to see Phyllis standing there.

“I brought food,” she said, running back to her car to retrieve it.

Not only was it nice to see her, but Phyllis is a retired professional chef. Her food is amazing, and I was grateful. I hadn’t planned dinner for my family and was glad that she had it covered.

She returned from her car carrying a tray of chicken parmesan, a container of homemade tomato sauce and three broths. THREE BROTHS. That I could eat.

She could not have looked more like an angel if she were showing wings and a halo.

Here’s to all the angels around us who deliver these miracles like it is no big deal.


7 thoughts on “Angels around us

  1. Hi Marie
    I was wondering how you are doing. Your silence is concerning- so I’m worried.

    I’m like you, in that, I look for the good in all things. Whether it is major or just a touch of something that lifts my spirits. And I’m never disappointed because, I firmly believe that God is in control. I try to leave the logicistics of making my path clearer, easier, better to Him….

    Know that you are loved and held up in the body of believers who care for you and your family and hate it when you are hurting. I’m still praying for you in this battle for strenght and healing.

    God Bless

    • Oh Kimberly, thank you for all this! It has been a rough week but slowly getting better and better and I’m doing really well today. So that is why no post yet this week! I so appreciate your prayers – they make all the difference in the world. And I agree with you – leaving the logistic to God takes a lot of the worry out of it, and takes me places I never on my own would have imagined going or even that those places existed! Thank you so much for this reminder and this boost, and great to hear from you.
      God bless you, too.

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