Coming from behind

My son’s baseball team primarily includes kids, like him, on the younger side who are just starting to play. The team lost the first few games that they played (since he joined – I don’t know how they did before that), sometimes with scores like 15-1.

At a recent game, they were losing 7-6 going into the bottom of the sixth inning. I felt that they kids played well and they held their own. In my mind and given their history, this was as good as it was going to get. I felt that we could end the game right then, but I’m not in charge and our team was up to bat. So I stayed to watch and the team focused on playing.

To my surprise, they made two runs! They came from behind to win, 8-7.

In other news: Chemo itself went well this week. NO VOMITING – big win there. Not even significant nausea or other unpleasantries. Yes, I set the bar low, but a day without nausea  means a good day for me. Thank you for your prayers and positive energy to that end.

However, this path is never boring and among several weird and majorly uncomfortable cancer side effects, tumor is breaking through my belly button. Yes, emerging like an alien being. As if this wasn’t freaky and distressing enough on its own, the slow tearing of my skin is incredibly painful.

This path gets discouraging and sometimes I reflect and think, well, I’ve done okay so far. Maybe this is as good as it gets.

Then I think of that Little League game and realize that sometimes, it can feel like I am losing. But, if I stay in the game and keep playing, there is always the chance of coming from behind to ultimately win.

Thanks for staying and for cheering.

Blessings and sunshine,

11 thoughts on “Coming from behind

  1. Dear Marie I tell you this all the time but you are an amazingly strong person. You have been fighting a tough battle and most people would have given up years ago but not Marie. You have taught so many people how to be strong and not quit. I am so grateful we met 10 years ago! You are always in my prayers. Hugs and kisses Love Jill

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  2. Cheering for you Marie, always awestruck at your willingness to share your vulnerability and insight in your incredibly articulate way!

  3. Dear Marie-

    I was amazed that you were even at a baseball game with all you have been through. Then the belly button. So sorry it is painful.
    I run out of words for your courage except that putting these horrors into story seems to make them possible to endure.
    Love- pamela

  4. Ouch, Marie, that does sound incredibly painful. We’re so sorry. What can we do to be helpful? Please let us know. Also, are you ever up for a movie? Some quiet distraction? If so, I’d love to go see something with you, maybe while kids are in school? Or in camp? Just give me a yell if you’re up for it.

    Love, Beth, and of course Chris too

  5. Dear Marie,
    Cheering you on always! Prayers and love and song for you too!
    I am continually grateful for the way that your deep sharing calls me to a holy perspective on each and every moment of the day. You are so generous and so beautiful. Thank you.
    Sending love,

  6. Marie, you are the strongest person I know. The road you travel is full of such intense experiences: the deep and most painful insults when you hit those potholes, but also the glorious stretches, as you ascend along the mountain ridges and stop at panoramic vista points. May your journey continue to bring you to many more awe-inspiring places.

  7. If no one else in the world can come from behind… You CAN… I KNOW you can. Send great love and joy to the cells in your tummy. Love your tumor for all it has given you. Don’t fight it. Don’t waste your energy. Let it disappate because its job is done in giving you a love lesson. This is all an experience of life is.

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