Anything is possible!

It’s been a week when I didn’t have to do chemo, and, physically, I felt relatively good. Emotionally, I felt slightly off-center, almost like I am a beat behind on everything. Things feel confusing much of the time. I become hesitant to speak and, when I do, I say the wrong thing.

In this space, I wonder why I am doing all this to keep going, and going where? Will things get better or is this what my life will forever be like in the best case? And if it will forever be like this, would I prefer that it is longer or shorter?

To consider that shorter is acceptable becomes a step down a slippery slope. Then, instead of looking at all the things I CAN do, I look at the things I can’t: I tire more easily; my brain doesn’t work so well; I can be more scattered than focused. Those thoughts impact how I feel, and the downward spiral continues.

Then, one day this week, I received messages from two friends. One shared that there were clearly spots on her mammogram, but when she went for her biopsy, no one could find the spots. The spots were there, on the study, and then they were gone. Wow.

Another friend was just “fired” by his oncologist, meaning that the cancer (stage 4 colorectal, which many would say is incurable) has been gone for so long that he doesn’t have to go back for checkups.

These stories remind me that anything is possible. These people aren’t distant strangers; they are friends. I am grateful to my friends for sharing their stories, and grateful to God and the universe that they were shared at the perfect time to get through to me. Thank you.

Please know in your core that, whatever you are aiming for, anything is possible!


13 thoughts on “Anything is possible!

  1. You are right ~ anything is possible. Our minds become very busy wondering what is ahead and what we should be doing. I think some of the stress management teachings can help us with that human tendency. So glad you heard the good news from two friends. Out of the blue! And that you passed it on. Thanks.

  2. As I read this, i couldn’t stop thinking of the beautiful young woman with the coconut standing on the beach in the Caribbean. She (you) looked so lovely and happy. I wish you could keep her in your mind – capture and hold those feelings – as you go forward. That is what makes life worth living.

  3. I really liked Kathy’s response – we all know people who have experienced unexpected miracles great & small, thank you for sharing 2 more from your experience. Anything is possible indeed! Hang in there Marie although I know from my own experience, it is tough at times. But the tough times usually pass – think of how you felt some days before Bahama and then how you felt at a later date in the Bahamas! Whatever you felt this past week – I guarantee you will have wonderful days & experiences ahead – look forward to that!

  4. Marie, there’s a group of people trying to get 1000 bloggers to post about compassion on the same day (Feb. 20) and I thought of you. You have such an amazing way of looking at life. Here’s a link to a blogger who wrote about the movement and in it you’ll find a link to the Facebook group if you’re interested. At the very least, the group is posting some amazing and uplifting takes on compassion as a way to spread the word.

  5. I find it impossible to believe that you, Marie, find yourself saying the wrong thing in any circumstance!  I understand the ‘beat behind’ feeling but you and I know that is temporary.  And every time I read ‘anything is possible’ I was hearing the Lego Movie song ‘everything is awsome’!  I love you! jan

  6. Amen.
    Thank you dear Marie for sharing this truth and for reminding us that we live in a sea of miracles big and small! Sending you love.

  7. Marie – just catching up with you blog too – the feed isn’t coming in again when you post and I feel like I see on you facebook and so don’t check in. I’m really glad for the great news your two friends have received and for it making you believe that anything is possible again. You make others believe that too. X

  8. Stay off the slope and stay with us Marie – and thank you for enduring what you do for us. I’m feeling similar thoughts about my uncontrollable glaucoma and progressing blindness and believe me, your inspiration is a kick in the butt every day!

  9. I’m always in awe of your strength and resilience and your beautiful posts. You are an incredible inspiration. Hugs & love, bee

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