Six degrees of separation. Or fewer.

Thank you for your prayers for my CT scan last Thursday. All went smoothly, and I get the results on Tuesday.

Rather than feeling anxious, I’m so excited about Tuesday. Yes, I get the scan results AND it is chemo day, but that is overshadowed by the richness of relationship promising to infuse that day.

Jodi is driving me to my appointment and staying with me – always wonderful to spend time with her. And then…Tom and Linnea will drop by.

I met Tom via my blog, back when he was diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer. I met Linnea via her blog. Linnea is living with lung cancer, thanks to a drug that Tom helped discover. Isn’t that just so cool? I absolutely love that we are all connected. Both of them inspire me and enrich my life, and it thrills me to learn that they are connected to each other, too.

None of us have met in person. But on Tuesday, Tom will be at Dana Farber for a meeting (with my doctor!), Linnea is able to stop by, and I have an appointment there. So we will all get to meet together at the same time, live and in person, the old-fashioned way. I’m kind of giddy.

I am often conscious that my life is different because of my diagnosis. But then I consider events like this, where I might never have experienced these kinds of connections, and I feel so blessed.


P.S. I also feel good that, out of all the doctors in the country, Tom selected my oncologist to get a second opinion. Tom is really smart and on top of all this, and I kind of bumble through it, so it is like finding out I am holding a golden nugget.

6 thoughts on “Six degrees of separation. Or fewer.

  1. Really looking forward to seeing you & Linnea for the first time “offline”! You have played a big & inspirational part in my cancer journey! I’m giddy too! 🙂

    • It was great meeting you too Erin – what a special added bonus to hear your personal connection to the gift I gave Marie. I’m away from my laptop/wifi until I get home next weekend – I’ll send you the link I promised then! Take care- Tom

  2. What an incredible meeting Marie – I was SO glad we were able to do it! Between our meet-up & the “random” discussion I had with the Vietnam Veteran in the waiting room (his eyes just filled up with hope & joy after I talked to him about the exciting non-chemo drugs coming down the pipeline —- conversely I will never forget the uplift I got from him telling me “they told me chemo would give me 5 years & here I still am 10 years later!” — these things alone made my trip to Dana Farber SO worth it! Just like you, there are certain “coincidence” spiritual signs I see at key moments that all “my scientific logic” aside, I firmly believe in… I have to tell you, these signs were everywhere & flying off the charts this trip. I truly believe that me taking this trip was an important & essential part of my life & cancer journey – thank you for being a key part of it! -Tom

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