The power of belief. And heart.

Seven years ago, our older son was four years old and almost two months into his new “big” school. This school holds an annual country fair – a big, fun, Fall fundraising event. That year, we attended his school fair for the first time.

At that time, I had been diagnosed with a cancerous polyp but not yet had the surgery that would show that the cancer had spread.

About four years and countless surgeries later, I attended that same school fair. Standing at the hot dog station, trying to talk my son out of getting yet another hot dog, the woman manning the grill turned around, putting me face-to-face with my amazing surgeon. Her presence also implied that she was a fellow parent at the school! (I was so stunned that, when my son took that moment to ask again for another hot dog, I could only nod yes.)

Today, my younger son and I attended that same school fair. I was thrilled to run into my surgeon again and joyfully hugged her because I AM STILL HERE. Of the myriad doctors I have seen, she is not only technically gifted but also the most optimistic and encouraging by far. Her goal, she once said, was to continue to see me, healthy, at the fair for at least 20 years to come. I needed to hear that from a medical professional, to know that someone on my medical team was on my side to live a long time and be able to do fun things.

I am here because of the power of that kind of belief. I lived my whole life convinced that my mind and thoughts were the most powerful tools in my life. I am only beginning to see the power of the heart and the power of belief itself. You helped to open my eyes and my heart simply by doing that yourself and sharing it with me. You built on the power of the words of my surgeon, and you keep that belief, and me, going.

Thank you for sharing your heart and your positive thoughts and beliefs. It lifts me emotionally and I know it has a physical impact. I am always grateful to you and to God that I am still here. Seven years later. Wow.

Much love,

22 thoughts on “The power of belief. And heart.

  1. I LOVE this! You are a great role model and so is your amazing surgeon! If only more doctors understood the power of their words. What a great day to savor the joy of the moment!


  2. What an incredible post Marie, your surgeon touched your life in an inspirational way & know that in turn, likewise you touch many other lives in a similarly inspirational way! To life! In all its daily wonders! Believe!

  3. Marie,

    You continue to be an inspiration . Praying for continued health and healing for you. Thank you for sharing your story and may God always bless you!

    Love, Angela

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  4. Marie – I believe this surgeon is truly Gabriel the ArchAngel – greeting you and sending you on your mission. I hope you enjoyed that Hot Dog! Peace.

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