Video went well!

Thank you for all your positive energy, through the most recent chemo session (which went as well as chemo goes) and for our family video. The video recording process went really well! We did it on the Saturday after chemo, and I had energy to do it, which was amazing in itself. The kids were not just cooperative but great, as was my husband. A wonderful woman named Kate from Life Chronicles walked us through the whole thing.

She started by filming me playing Legos with one boy, then with the other. She asked me to tell them stories while we played, like the story of their birth or funny memories that we share. Then my husband took the boys out for lunch while Kate and I filmed me. The two biggest segments there were the story of my illness so they know what I went through / what the experience was like for me (because they rightly currently experience it from their point of view), and the story of where my family history and how I grew up.

The former was difficult only in that I no longer think of my story in terms of “then I had chemo, then I had surgery…” but in terms of “then THIS cool thing happened and then THAT cool thing happened” so it was harder for me to stay on point and finally I just gave up and focused on the amazing miracles along the path. The latter segment was useful because I never talk about that with them in person – just too much always going on – and I love my family history.

The boys returned and she filmed my husband and me, then the four of us together. All in all, it went fine. I wasn’t the melting mess I anticipated, we all made it through together, and we got a lot of good information recorded. I’m glad I did it and I so appreciate all the energy you sent my way so that I could.

I hope you never need this, but if you or someone else does, or if you are simply interested, their website is They are based in California but will travel.

Thank you for your support in this really valuable experience and product for my family.


16 thoughts on “Video went well!

  1. had to be the most emotional/difficult day – so proud of you for doing it and doing it well, and so happy the boys will always have that. jan

  2. Marie, This reminds me of conversations years ago about how to proceed with this sort of thing. As usual, you did it in your own way with your own inimitable style–and I’m sure it’s wonderful! It is a gift, really, to all of you–chronicling the amazing chapters that constitute the Pechets’ lives. So proud of you!

    • I can’t believe you remember those, Charmi! I think often of those conversations and they inspired me to start journals I write for the kids (I’m not so regular on them, but I do try) and were part of the inspiration for doing this video. You totally reframed how I think about all this, and I really appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Marie,
    I am so proud of your strength, determination, and dedication to your family. I cannot begin to imagine what an undertaking such as this video required from you. You are, as ever, amazing.

  4. Marie,
    Wow…Another example of your unbelievable strength and courage…what a wonderful way to create a legacy. You continue to amaze me…and demonstrate the extraordinary in ways big and small.

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