No Room at the Inn

As I sat in the Dana Farber waiting room on Friday, waiting for my CT scan, I felt calm and happy. Elated even. I also enjoyed being relatively clear-headed and feeling more like myself. Thankfully (or maybe because of that), the whole port access process and scan went more smoothly than ever.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had intermittent pains in my abdomen and ribs, as well as pain in my shoulder and my left leg, all of which have become more frequent. I’ve had bleeding. It has been uncomfortable to stand for any length of time. I’ve had abdominal swelling and shortness of breath.

Because of this, I decided that, regardless of my scan results, I should go back on chemo.

I see the doctor tomorrow (Tuesday) morning to get the scan results so I called the office to see if they could set me up for chemo right afterwards.

The first available chemo opening is on Thursday.

Not even Wednesday. Thursday. Business is way too good.

Because my chemo is a three-day process, this means that chemo would stretch over the 4th of July. It also meant that I would henceforth be on a Thursday-Saturday schedule, interfering with my weeks and my weekends.

I declined and they will see if they have an opening for next Tuesday.

I do know that the right thing will happen. And while my faith feels strong, in these unknown parts I want to ask, “Okay, what’s the plan here?”

Thanks for your support and for coming along with me in these unknown waters. We’ll see where they take us, though I know it will all be good.

Love and blessings,


7 thoughts on “No Room at the Inn

  1. I always shall pray for you and may the lord grant you patients and cure you from this, always in our thoughts

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