Being cared for and carried

Last week, we got to travel to VT for skiing, snowboarding and, my personal favorite activity, visits with friends. They invited us for dinner, which included a chicken and chickpea soup in a thick broth. I no longer eat chicken but I love a thick broth and wondered how I could create that with a vegan soup.

When we returned to our place later that night, I noticed a recipe in my email for a vegan soup with greens and chickpeas in a THICK BROTH. The sender was a random cooking site, and I was thrilled with the serendipity.

These kinds of events make me feel like I am being cared for and carried.

Your positive prayers and intentions also make me feel like I am being cared for and carried. At this same friend’s house, I also recalled that we have been seeing each other during this same week every year for about four years. Four and even three years ago, I felt easily tired. Once, I had to find a bedroom to rest.

But this year, I feel like my energy was normal, even great. I likely overstayed my welcome, leaving quite late. And I got up to go skiing the next day.

I recognize this as the difference you make. I truly appreciate going to a dinner party and actually eating dinner with friends, being able to help a little with clean-up, and visit for awhile afterwards. I don’t take this for granted, and I thank God and each of you for your help in making this all happen.

It also makes me happy to know that this happens for others as well. About a week ago, I had tea with a friend who happens to be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. She was bubbly and effusive and full of stories. She talked about the day she received her diagnosis. Months before she even suspected, she planned a gathering with a group of old friends from all over the country. They arrived and reconnected, then she got the phone call. Though the news was difficult, of course, she said she could not have been in a better place and with a more supportive group. She was totally taken care of.

In addition, between her diagnosis and the start of chemo, she was able to take an already-planned trip to Israel with her church, where she had all sorts of unexpected and spiritually uplifting experiences, strengthening her spiritually in preparation for her treatments.

I am grateful for all you do to strengthen me. It helps me to do the simple things that make up my life and mean so much. I am grateful knowing that my friend Debbie has similar moments of grace. And I am grateful that you are open to any and all possibilities as they unfold.

Love and blessings,


6 thoughts on “Being cared for and carried

  1. Thank you Marie for your beautiful uplifting words. I’m always inspired by you faith and it helps make mine stronger too. I’m so glad to have you as a friend as we share this same path on our journey. Xxxooo

  2. Before I stopped drinking 2 and a half years ago, I had spent much of my life practicing avoidance. Not just avoiding feelings but avoiding eye contact, interactions and experiences. It occurred to me reading this beautiful post that it’s impossible to live in a state of gratitude when you’re avoiding life. I like to think that I’m learning the Art of Paying Attention, of which you are clearly a master! Your words are exactly what I need right now. 🙂

    • Wow, Karen, thanks. Reading your comment made me see that there are so many ways to practice avoidance, and we are lucky to be able to embrace it all. Why is that so hard? I was painfully shy for so long, and that still comes out. Thanks for being such a support and making things not so scary for me.

  3. Marie, you are such a Pearl in my world……always dropping a little nugget in my lap through your most eloquent words. Your perspective helps broaden the lens that I see my own life through….I thank YOU 💛💙💜

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