Letting life unfold

Tomorrow, I go back into chemo and appreciate your prayers and good wishes for an effective session free of side effects.

Though I think I’ve long believed that there are greater forces at work, my trust in them continues to grow. I am used to planning and directing things in my life, but I’m excited to be learning how to simply let events unfold. It seems that one aspect is to ask for help when I need it.

For example, we decided to add an au pair to our family. I spent most of last week online, culling through the many candidates and conducting Skype interviews. At one point, we had three good candidates and one more to interview. I wasn’t sure which person to choose and my head was spinning.

So, I did what I am learning to do: I asked God for help and trusted that he would take care of it. And then I went to yoga.

During yoga, my mind drifted to the decision I needed to make. Typically, I would turn it over and over in my mind. But today, in the split second after I had that thought, I heard something like, “It’s not the time to think about that.” Then the thought mercifully moved on. This happened several times.

After yoga, I received three e-mails. One of the girls decided to leave the program, the second selected a different family, and the third was undecided and explicitly told me that she loved us but to keep interviewing others. (Felt a bit like dating.)

So I went ahead with our next scheduled interview, mostly out of obligation and without high hopes. But she was AMAZING. She had the infectious energy I was hoping to find, a positive attitude, and a willingness to pitch in and be flexible. She connected with each of us and her loving heart shone through. Our choice was clear. We felt so lucky to find someone so fantastic, and we look forward to her arrival.

I hope that your life is unfolding in wonderful ways, you are able to ask for help when you need it, and that you see the hand of God (or greater forces, if that is more your slant!) at work in your life. And I thank you for the help you share in mine.


3 thoughts on “Letting life unfold

  1. Letting life unfold and asking for help – two things that I will be practicing for the rest of my life! These are the biggies for me and there’s such peace when I remember how important they are. Thanks for the reminder. I am praying for a side effect-free round of chemo for you!

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