Birthday gifts

“There are so many gifts still unopened from your birthday.” –Hafiz

Last Thursday, I had my CT scan and I get the results on Tuesday. Of course, the CT scans trigger anxiety but I was fortunate to be distracted by fun life events.

On Tuesday, before the scan, my husband and I attended the Elton John concert. I loved Elton John for as long I can remember. When I was younger, I would lay on my bed and listen repeatedly to his albums, memorizing every lyric. I learned the names of the band members. My best friend and I made up dances to his songs.

At the time, I couldn’t afford concert tickets (and I’m sure my parents would not have let me go anyway), so I was thrilled, a few years ago, to attend my first Elton concert. And then, he returned this week so I GOT TO GO AGAIN! Knowing that I haven’t done something for the last time always gets me excited.

The concert itself was fabulous. He opened with Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding. Funeral for a Friend used to creep me out (mostly because of the name) but now I get lost in the music. From there, we were dancing and singing (still without a voice, but getting better) and taking it all in, for the entire 2 hours and 45 minutes of his nonstop playing. I remembered all the words and recognized the original band members onstage. (They got older for sure but still fabulous.)

It seemed that the other 10,000 people in the stadium enjoyed it just as much as I did. And as he thanked us, I realized that he gets to share his gift, which he clearly enjoys doing, and 10,000 people were happier as a result. Win win.

It made me look anew at all the gifts that you share daily with me and my family – the gifts of who you are and how you move about in this world – your humor and perspective and music and love, among others – and how much happier we are as a result. I hope that it also makes you happier, and that you continue to open more and more of the gifts that you were born with and get to share with the world.

Much love,

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