A little update after last chemo

Thank you for your prayers and good intentions. I made it through chemo without getting sick.

However, I was passed out for the entire process. Before I got chemo at all, I talked with Mike (who I sometimes see instead of my doctor) and started to feel nauseous. So I took an anti-nausea med right then.  About 10 minutes later, I was feeling nauseous again. He warned me that if I took another med, I would pass out. I warned him that if I didn’t take another med, I would surely vomit.

After that, I did make it to the chair in the infusion room, but the next thing I remember is my nurse waking me to say that it was time to go. She also joked that I was so passed out that someone thought I was dead and came to find her. Makes me wonder how often someone actually dies while getting chemo.

Thankfully, that wasn’t my fate and I am still here. A few days later, my white cells dropped (a side effect of chemo) and I caught a chest cold and lost my voice. I’m going on four days with no voice. The kids don’t seem to notice – they will be on another floor of the house and yell things like, “Mom, call me when dinner is ready.”

I’m scheduled for a CT scan on Friday, but between the drinks required and the contrast injected into my body during the scan, that can’t help me heal from this cold. Plus, my frequent coughing makes it hard to stay still for the pictures. So I will postpone that study. More to follow…

Sending my love and gratitude,

6 thoughts on “A little update after last chemo

  1. Hi Marie, Back from China (it was terrific and eye-opening!). So sorry you’re having to handle so many challenges all at the same time. You define resilience!
    Praying that things get easier over the next few weeks. Regardless, your sense of humor remains intact. Hopefully it helps you and much as it does those of us privileged to “read you” on a regular basis! Much love, Charmi

  2. Thanks for the update and I wish I could make this fucking (nausea, chemo, cancer blah blah blah) thing go away!!!! I hate that it makes you – one of my most favorite people and clearly, and unequivocally – one of the sweetest and smartest and warmest and all around best people in the world – feel shitty. BLARGH! I miss you and want to see you. Happy Halloween? oxoxox

  3. You are so in my prayers, Marie. Sending you healing energy for you to get over your cold. Many blessings. love, ~ginger

  4. Why can’t you be “knocked out” for each chemo session? Why do you have to suffer through the nausea? I would chose oblivion to nausea any day. With all our medicines, why can’t we have one that will eliminate nausea. Really, now!

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