Back in the saddle again

Thank you for your support, prayers and cheers along the way!

On Sunday, I returned home from Brazil.

On Monday, I had a CT scan.

While I would LOVE to report that the scan showed no tumors and only stitches from spiritual surgeries in Brazil, that was not the case.

It looks like everything grew. I’m not surprised, because I have some discomfort in spots on my abdomen and pelvis. My CEA is the highest it has been, and I am bloated.

I’m not excited about starting chemo again. In fact, I kept my doctor talking for over an hour, pathetically and desperately postponing the start of my infusion.

But that appointment ended and now I sit in the infusion waiting room. I am so grateful to have had the four months off, and now am very grateful for any prayers and positive energy that you can send my way for a smooth healing treatment.

Lots of love,

20 thoughts on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Ah Marie, I so understand. Cancer without treatment (in the short term) offers higher quality of life. However, we are going after the quantity too, so we do what we have to do. Thinking of you…(and thought of you yesterday as I rowed a boat for the first time in forever).


    • YOU GO GIRL! Rowing! I love that!!! So happy you got to do it. Do you think you will go again?
      You are so right about balancing quantity vs quality of life. Much more interesting as a theoretical (rather than real-world) discussion…

  2. I’m sending you love and healing prayers…and in awe of the gratitude that you can muster in the face of a disappointing CT scan.

  3. Marie

    All of my thoughts and prayers are with you! My whole family has you in our prayers!

    Miracles DO Happen! We made it to Belize and with the new meds John is on (new type of steroid), he has actually been able to have enough energy to take 5 hr trips into the jungle etc. without using a bathroom!

    We snorkled with rays and a loggerhead turtle yesyerday. I could cry with joy! This is exactly what I prayed for!

    And now my prayers will turn to you!

    Much love


  4. My energy has been flagging up here in Greenville; now I have a place to put it! Sending every positive vibe your way, as well as my prayers for healing and as little discomfort as possible….

  5. Oh, Marie, I am so sorry to hear this news. I am lifting you up right now to the Great Physician. I am praying that the chemo will attack the cancer with a vengeance. Your amazing attitude and positive energy serves you well. Stay strong. Know that you are loved and that there are many of us praying for you. Love Always, Diane



    ___ Anna Huckabee Tull Life Coaching and Song Crafting 86 Farmer’s Cliff Road Concord, MA 01742 (978) 254-5836

    If you could commission a song about anything…what would it be?

  7. Also – there is a book you should maybe know about if you do not already – it is called THE TOOLS by Stultz and Micheals. Just putting it out there…

    Love you, sending lots of it,

    With you all the way,


    ___ Anna Huckabee Tull Life Coaching and Song Crafting 86 Farmer’s Cliff Road Concord, MA 01742 (978) 254-5836

    If you could commission a song about anything…what would it be?

  8. Wow, I just don’t know what to say to any of this crap!  I pray for you to have a medical miracle every day and I know that no-one deserves one more than you….and then this.  I am continuing to pray for health and strength for you and sending you thoughts of comfort and peace.  I soooo wish there was something I could do for you, Marie! 

    xoxoxo  jan


  9. My thoughts are with you Marie, I do hope that you don’t have to endure this treatment for too long and that you are once again out and about with your family. Take care xx Maggiea

  10. Marie – thinking of you and sending prayers and strength from Australia. In reading your posts over your summer and from your trip to Brazil I feel you have really strengthened yourself for the treatment you now face and that has to help you get through it. X…kathy

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