Last night in Brazil

After a pretty lazy morning, I did 4.5 hours of current this afternoon. Once “released,” we took lots of photos of each other, but I don’t feel like I can post them. Instead, I will post the view of tonight’s sunset from my little balcony.

Sunset #1Sunset #2

Some orbs showed up.

Sunset with orbsOrbs at night

We had our last group dinner followed by a little outing to Frutti’s. Tomorrow, we say goodbye in waves as we each leave at different times. It’s been an amazing trip.

Thanks for being here.



4 thoughts on “Last night in Brazil

  1. It’s been so wonderful following your journey, Marie…i found myself looking for your posts/emails everyday :)). Happy to hear it was so positive for you!

  2. Wishing you safe and easy travels! xoxo

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