Sunrise this morning

I left the hotel at 5:45 a.m. to see the sunrise. Obviously, I wasn’t up late partying the night before.

Before the sunlight even hits the horizon, you can hear the roosters and birds. And there are orbs all around.

Orbs at sunrise

As the sky got brighter, monkeys joined the chorus and the orbs seemed to rise with the music and the sun.


The sun finally popped up, sending out warm rays of fiery light.

Rays of light

As the sun rose, it appeared to be rolling out the orbs as well.

Orbs rolling out of the sun

And then, daylight, with the orbs dancing on the dirt by our feet.

Daylight begins

I wish for you the beginning of another beautiful, magical day.


4 thoughts on “Sunrise this morning

  1. Thank you for sharing, Marie! I love to set my alarm before twilight on clear mornings while travelling for just this same wonder (minus the Brazilian Orbs). PEACE!

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