On Tuesday morning, we peel vegetables that get made into a blessed soup, which we are served during the late morning on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Yesterday was Saturday so no blessed soup, but the window to the kitchen was open and I snapped a few photos so you could where and what they serve from.

This enormous soup pot sits on its own burner. They serve the soup directly from there. I am so impressed by this pot. There is a relatively small stove in the background.


This is the view through the window where they serve the soup. You can see the soup pot on the left. To the right is the sink where they wash the dishes.


Back at the pousada, here is the layout for our lunch. First, there are 7-8 salads.


For dressing, they offer fresh lime, plus balsamic vinegar and olive oil (not shown). Hot foods include chicken, a soymeat dish, steamed vegetables (or otherwise cooked), white and brown rice, and beans. For dinner, we see a similar  spread but with one or two extra casserole dishes (eggplant with tomatoes, broccoli soufflé, that kind of thing).


And then dessert. For lunch today, dessert was papaya and watermelon along with fresh juice. Dinnertime dessert would also include fruit as well as something that is prepared with sugar.


The food is really simple but it is fresh, organic and delicious, as well as right up my alley.

On my way into the Casa today, I saw a horse and buggy transporting a family. Here they are, parking their carriage in the shade just inside the Casa gates.


I sat to read and this little yellow bird hung out near me.

Yellow bird

The weather has been fabulous: Cool in the morning but warm (80’s) by 11:30 or so, and dry with a breeze so really comfortable.

That’s it for midday here. More later. Lots of love and my best wishes for a beautiful day.

3 thoughts on “Midday

  1. What a great idea of praying over the food you are preparing for guests or family. I love this protestant blessing tradition down south: “we thank you for this food you have given us for the nourishment of our bodies”. And ol’ Father Bill (God rest his soul) would end every grace before meals with “God Bless the Cooks!!!”

  2. Enjoying checking almost every day to see what new posting. Really look forward to following each entry. Lovely sharing….thanks so much.

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