Starting the day

Some photos to give you an overall feeling.

First thing this morning, I left our pousada and turned right….

The road from pousada to Frutti's

…to head to Fruitti’s…..


…where I started the day with a green juice.



Then I returned the way I came, past our pousada and headed to the Casa. This is the road from the pousada to the Casa.


Here is a close-up, so you can see that the paved road ends at the Casa.



I entered the Casa through the gates, where there is a large open area and small buildings ahead and to the right. The building to the right is the waiting area to see John of God. Directly ahead behind the blue and white pole is the gift shop.


I made my way to the area called The Garden, which has nice benches for sitting in the sun….


…as well as a covered area for sitting in guaranteed shade.


The view is quite pretty.


Then I got to chatting with people and forgot all about taking photos!



1 thought on “Starting the day

  1. I love this! It stirs up old longings…..tell you about it sometime. This seems like a special setting for THE WORK. Sending prayer your way.

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