Hey y’all!

I actually got myself up early enough to walk to see the sunrise! Much of the path looks like this:

Walk to sunrise

During the sunrise, the birds chirped louder and we could hear the monkeys making their noises. The monkeys quiet down once the sun is fully risen.


 After breakfast-time, a bunch of us went to the Casa to peel veggies for this week’s soup. I got there early enough to choose carrots, one of the easier vegetables to peel.

Peeling carrots for blessed soupLove that woman behind me; what a good sport to smile for the photo!

I’m getting to know my group. Though most live throughout the US and Canada, we include people from Iran, Uruguay, Mexico, Norway, Romania, Trinidad and China. They are all more familiar with geography than I am. I listen and learn and can hold my own on other topics.

I had a 40-minute crystal bath today, which involves sitting under lights that are colored for each chakra. That actually feels more cool and intense than it sounds.

We had a long meeting about the protocols and expectations for tomorrow, which will be our first day to see John of God.

After dinner, we went orb hunting.

Orbs at the Casa

Though no one knows exactly what the orbs are, they seem to appear wherever there is strong spiritual work going on. These orbs were over a group of people saying the rosary at the Casa. I took pictures elsewhere but the orbs were strongest there.

The funny thing is, after awhile, I could see orbs on my camera WITHOUT taking a photo, but then when I clicked to take the photo, they weren’t there. I don’t question it.

I ended the day at Frutti’s to get a green drink for my breakfast. I LOVE that they have pure green juice and lots of other healthy and yummy things.

Drink menu at Frutti's

I will close with my favorite quote of the day. It makes me smile every time I think of it. Imagine hearing this in a lovely Arkansas accent:

“I don’t talk about my problems with my friends. We have more fun things to talk about. And I don’t think them over by myself. I’m the one who got myself into that mess to start with. I talk them over with God and Mary. They’re my ‘Hey y’all!’”

Thanks for being my hey y’all! Have a beautiful night.


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