Day 1 and we are all pretty tired

My overnight flight to Brasilia held eight people from my group. (There are 22 total in the group.) I was the first through customs so I sat waiting for the rest of the gang. It reminded me of last year, when I waited, looking around and not knowing what was ahead of me. At that time, Shelby soon sat beside me and a whole world unfolded.

This time, I sat and waited but was peering, not into my future, but into my cellphone. After realizing that particular behavior would hinder meeting anyone new, I looked up and saw a family of three waiting as well.

We started talking and got to share the two-hour cab ride to the hotel. They were new so I could pretend I was like Shelby, last year’s more experienced traveler.

Then over lunch, the four of us plus two woman from British Columbia (but originally from Romania) had a long and animated conversation around manifesting what is in your life, seeing auras, the fifth-dimension (which I am just learning about), God, spirits and entities and a gazillion other topics along those lines.

We joined the group to do a quick tour of the town and the Casa, where I kept getting the message to soften. And now I am back in my room.

I’m happy. And exhausted. The sun is already setting here at 6 pm (it is warm but wintertime) so I will get dinner and head to bed. Hopefully I’ll be awake in time to watch the sunrise.

Wherever you are, I hope you are manifesting fun conversations that help you move  to anywhere you want to be in your life. And that the sun is still shining and warm, in the sky and in the faces of those you love.

Lots of love and blessings,

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