Ask and you shall receive

Thank you for your belief that I can walk this path to healing. Your belief helps always, and especially when I am not quite sure even what I am doing.

On beautiful days, I feel so lucky to be able to get out and about. This weekend, Julian wanted to bike around Fresh Pond so Kenobi (our dog) and I joined him. I walked while Kenobi scampered here and there and Julian biked ahead of me.

We were part of the usual flow of folks running, biking and walking in both directions of the 2¼ mile loop. Some people were with their friends, their dogs, or both. Many were chatting together.

As I noticed the beauty of the calm water and the dense summer green trees against the blue sky, I thought of God and Jesus and said / prayed, “Things feel like they are headed in a good direction but sure would like to know that you are with me.”

Less than a minute later, with the question still fresh in my mind, I passed a woman walking alone. As I caught up to her, I heard her say, “He is with you. It can feel like you are suffering a long time. But God will be there longer than the suffering. He is with you always.”

I almost stopped in my tracks. It was like my question was answered immediately and literally. It even sounded like she was talking to me.

So, I turned to respond. She seemed to be about my age, with a relatively fit build and wavy grey shoulder-length hair. Her ear buds were in and connected to her cellphone, and she continued her conversation, oblivious to my presence. Obviously, those words were not intentionally directed at me.

Still, this felt like more than simple coincidence.

In my experience living in the Boston area, especially in Cambridge, I cannot remember overhearing someone talking so literally about God and life outside a church context. It just isn’t done in my world, much less in answer to a request that I just made in my heart (not even out loud!). So I filed that under happy amazement and took her words as a message for me, too.

In the meantime, Julian turned around and biked back to me. This is our usual pattern. We stop and chat for a few moments, then he bikes ahead again. The three of us (including Kenobi) repeat this pattern over and over for the duration of our walk.

Because of these stops, the woman passed me, then I passed her, then she passed me, etc. I continued to eavesdrop on her conversation when I could. Though it was interesting, no more comments felt specifically directed to me.

At one point, I wanted the chance to tell her that she was not only probably helping her friend, but helping me as well. However, I didn’t want to interrupt her conversation. Joking around in my head, I asked for an opportunity.

And then, sure enough, I received an opportunity. The very next time I passed her, she hung up from her call. I saw her pushing buttons on her iPhone so I interrupted her before she could dial again.

I told her how her words impacted me. She told me that she always feels like it is rude to talk on a cellphone at Fresh Pond and she gets annoyed when others do it, but her brother was having a hard time and this was the only time she had to talk with him. So perfect!

We talked a bit more, then I thanked her for being a messenger. As I walked ahead, a butterfly appeared next to me, danced beside me for quite a few steps, flew in front of me, and then gracefully went on its way.

I am continuously amazed by the power that surrounds us and that is within us, and how strong and expansive that power can be, and how we are all so connected, heart and soul, in ways that we cannot see. I am thrilled to be reminded of this, and grateful that these kinds of events occur in life. Not only are they fun, but they make it easy for me to believe in God.

Thank you for sharing your self and your love so generously. Thank you for being open and connected and letting God and higher powers work through you to help those you touch, both directly and indirectly.

I hope happy coincidences cross your path and that you see the butterflies dance.


13 thoughts on “Ask and you shall receive

  1. Sounds like a magical day! Sending good thoughts and a hug your way. xo Ann

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  2. Wow!!!! Big Wow!!!! As I read this I felt this tightening in my belly, for you and me and all of us who are so connected, yet sometimes feel like we are out here all alone…then Bammmmm you hear from God!!! I love you, life, magic and your wonderful family. We are all the same and as Anita Mooariji says, Heaven is not a place, but rather a state of being! You are heaven, thanks so much for sharing with all of us!!!! xxoo abi

  3. Dear Marie,

    I just want to send you a brief note of thanks! I have never commented on your posts before but I follow them closely – looking forward to each one as it arrives in my email. You have given me so much spiritual inspiration, lessons, hope & comfort over the past year – I even have passed on your blog link to my minister’s son, who has Stage IV colorectal cancer, to give him spiritual inspiration!

    A father with two girls (current ages 2 & 5), I was diagnosed almost exactly a year ago at the age of 40 with Stage IIIC colon cancer with spread to 7 lymph nodes. I underwent surgery last June and did FOLFOX/FOLFIRI chemotherapy from July to January. Two weeks ago I celebrated my 1-year anniversary – not with regret or sadness but instead as a “celebration of life” since I am currently in remission and feeling great (woo-hoo!) – although I am currently being monitored monthly for reoccurrence or spread since with a Stage IIIC disease diagnosis, there are relatively high “odds” of reoccurrence.

    Although I was brought up Christian, I did not practice or firmly believe in God during my adult life. I was technically agnostic – I didn’t have a firm belief that God didn’t exist, I just didn’t have a firm believe that He did. That all changed last year. Upon my diagnosis, I witnessed so many messages and signs direct from God – messages of comfort & healing & help & welcome back to him – I can’t even begin to describe them all. But in my heart, I know these signs are real and not “coincidences” – similar to your experience at Fresh Pond this weekend & many others you have written about previously. Looking back at the time preceding my diagnosis, I have realized there were signs from Him back then too – I had just been blind to recognize them for what they were. I firmly believe that included in those signs from Him is Him leading me to your blog. Inspired by your approach to your own diagnosis, I no longer worry that my life has taken a Path I never pictured – instead I am very thankful for all the many blessings I have received from following the Path He has laid out for me – including the blessing of me returning to Faith and the Church.

    So once again, I wanted to say thank you! I hope you know what a wonderful blessing you are to people who regularly read your blog including many people like me who have never commented and whom you have never known “in person”. There is a short list of fellow cancer patients that I have felt a strong personal connection to this past year. I pray for all of them daily – for God’s care, comfort healing – you are on that list.

    Bless you & take care,

    Tom M.
    San Diego, CA (formerly Belmont, MA 🙂

  4. Hi Marie,

    Working together we are awesomely powerful and you have so many people thinking about you and loving you…very powerful. Never forget though that you are affecting all your followers too…your positivity and openness are infectious and they make a difference to other peoples lives…thank you again. If you have not already done so think about listening to some of the discussions between Dr Deepak Chopra and Dr Wayne Dyer.

    kind regards


  5. Love love love love love this story my dear. So thrilled that He finds ways to speak to you at all the right times. And glad you found your own “altar in the world” Now your fb post makes perfect sense to me. Hugs in spades xo Martha

  6. THAT is crazy cool. Love it!! See you soonish. Call/text me when you are 10 minutes from the boathouse and I’ll hop on my bike. xo

  7. Reminds me of the remark I haven’t thought about in a long time, “When I pray, coincidences happen. When I don’t pray, coincidences don’t happen.”
    Perhaps coincidences happen when we don’t pray, but our minds are not tuned to catch the gift; which can give such a boost to our spirits and the possible needed turn toward a more positive direction. I shall be thinking about your experience, and the message for me there, Marie.

  8. It is so encouraging to see you see the same things we see but then you really see the grace and beauty of such simple moments. Peace, Marie.

  9. Hi Marie, I love this. This type of thing happens to me quite a lot. Hearing a conversation that just fits with what you are thinking. I hear lots of songs to, that are significant to people I know, so I know they are thinking of me when I hear them. I find it all a bit strange sometimes. Of late, there is a little red robin that I see in the park. It is always near to where I walk. I take this as a sign that I am being looked after. Keep your faith. x

    • Hi Ann,
      Isn’t that awesome when that happens! I just love it. AND so glad that you have music in your life like that, like it floats through connecting you and others. So cool! I can’t wait to hear more about the robin. I agree – you are being looked after, and thank you for sharing the signs with me. It helps me to recognize the signs in my life, too.

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