Accepting the good

CT results good – everything stable. Of course, I had to ask whether there was any exception, but no. The doctor also reminded me that these are tiny.

Big exhale and a thank you for hanging in there with me! PLUS….assuming everything stays stable OR better yet, improves in the next 8 weeks, it will be time for a chemo vaca. Woo hoo! So keep those good vibes coming!

John of God will be in Toronto March 15, 16 and 17. I am told that the experience is different than in Brazil but still quite powerful in its own way.

A friend of mine has an extra ticket. If you might like to go, let me know and I will share her contact information with you.

Right now, I am sitting in a chair in the infusion room, waiting for chemo.

Before coming to Dana Farber this morning, I was out with my son. We were introduced to a facilities manager and as that man walked away, someone said, “He knows more about this building than anyone else.”

Meaning to be friendly and conversational, my son responded, “Well, not everyone. The architect knows more.”

I cringed, knowing full well that whatever bothers me in someone else is usually something that bothers me in myself. Actually, my first tendency is to blame my husband, but I had to admit my part it in. It just feels a little better to share the blame. Plus, I’m sure we model this conversational style for our children, looking for the exception to any fun fact they discover, and then helpfully pointing out the flaw in their thinking. I also do it with my friends.

Well-meaning, happy person: “Look, the sky is so blue today.”
Me: “Yes, except for that one puffy cloud over there.”


Cheerful dinner companion: “Dinner was really good.”
Me: “Overall, yes, but the vegetables were a little overcooked.”

My comments are rarely informative. Regardless of the words I am saying, the other person probably just hears, “You are wrong. You are wrong. Not only that, I am smarter.”

So I sit here waiting for chemo, grateful for any good you send my way and pausing to practice accepting the good without exception.

Love, Marie

4 thoughts on “Accepting the good

  1. Accepting the good without exception. Thank you. I am working on that. Plus allowing others to be in their process whether it fits my pictures or not. Not being attached to the results. Knowing that God will always, always be looking out for my greatest good. So much to learn still at 75.   Thanks for the John of God heads up. There is a healer here, Rosamaria Machado who studied with him and interprets for him at Omega sometimes. She sees clients here.   Will you go to Toronto?   Kathleen started chemo today unexpectedly. Please pray. Love, Lois


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