Transforming experiences

CT scan this morning and any prayers and good wishes are welcome!

The waiting room is frequently full and always interesting. Today, I am sitting next to a woman, her daughter, and the daughter’s two-year-old son. He is cute and fairly well behaved for being in such a confined space for hours, but still, he is loud and I like my personal psychic space. I started getting annoyed with his behavior when I remembered an earlier visit to this room.

That time, I was glad to find a seat and wanted to keep to myself, but soon, the woman next to me started singing. Not in a “My Life is Musical” kind of way but more in a “crazy person talking to themselves” kind of way. It was too soft for me to hear the words, but loud enough to be bothersome. I tried to read. I tried to write. I mostly got distracted and annoyed.

After a few minutes, I declared defeat and stopped doing anything. Her voice became clear and smooth and the rhythm was familiar and calming. She was singing prayers in Hebrew, which speak to my heart and have the power to absorb me. How did I not recognize that before?

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched her. She looked to be in her early twenties, with short dark hair, a pleasant face and large build. I imagined that she was a student. As she chanted and sang, her head swayed a little and she had a slight smile. She held a prayer book on her lap and her finger traced the words as she read. I lost myself in her chanting / singing, and before too long, her name was called and she stood for her scan.

“Thank you. That was beautiful.” I told her.

She stopped and looked at me with a smile. “Most people find it annoying, so I try to do it softly.”

“It is beautiful. Good luck with your scan.”

“Yours too.”

And in those few moments, what started as annoying became a beautiful gift.

1 thought on “Transforming experiences

  1. “what started as annoying became a beautiful gift.” I think I might write those words out somewhere where I can see them on a regular basis. Seems like one of the keys to life…

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