Flowing like a river

Chemo today. I’m so excited because I do this one, and then, instead of the usual “return in two weeks,” I get to return in THREE weeks!

Looking around the waiting room at Dana Farber reminds me of how incredibly fortunate I am, and I know that it is because of you – your prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes, even happy living as you appreciate how beautiful life can be.

This morning, it was warm but pouring rain as I walked the boys to school. Our house sits on a hill, and when our younger son reached the foot of the hill, he stopped to look at the puddles and then turned to look back up at the hill itself.

“Look, Mama! There is a RIVER coming down our driveway.”

We were running a little late for school so I had to force my normal “hurry-up” self to stop and notice. Yup, there was water flowing. I had to stop another minute to actually try and see it through his eyes, as an impressive river.

He continued. “And then look – the rivers go down the hill and into these puddles and makes them bigger. Mama, look, the whole system is connected.”

Thankfully, the boys go to a school that encourages this kind of exploration, so we spent a minute explicitly pointing to the connections – how the rain comes down and forms rivers, how the rivers flow into puddles, how the puddles grow and connect to each other. Even how, if he jumps into one puddle, the splash sends the water into another puddle.

I feel like our human connections are like that as well. Like a raindrop, even a small drop of your energy can join with the energy of others, gaining mass as it gathers. Together, those drops continue moving, forming a flow, filling me with energy, and hopefully, that positive energetic flow also passes through me to others.

Thank you for all of that. I know that you sharing your energy is the reason that I feel so good, that I can go through this treatment, and that I am looking forward to a Merry Christmas and fun New Year.

I send my energy, and love, and deep gratitude to you.


2 thoughts on “Flowing like a river

  1. YAY FOR THREE WEEKS!!!! Hooray hooray hooray!

    xoxoxox, A

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    If you could commission a song about anything…what would it be?

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