Answered prayers

I love it when prayers are answered!

I have a little morning ritual that involves water from Lourdes and the Hail Mary. (Lourdes is where the Virgin Mary appeared multiple times to St. Bernadette.) Yesterday morning, I was definitely feeling despair. At the end of the Hail Mary, I found myself saying something like, “I really need to feel you near me. It would be nice to know that you are here.”

Fast forward past lots of emotions over the next two hours, when I found myself on a path I never take, standing in front of a physical bulletin board. I stopped and read one of the posts three times before it sunk in: One of the folks in Medjugorje, who sees the Virgin Mary on a regular basis, is in the U.S. and will be speaking only a few miles from my house on Saturday night.

Wow. Okay. She is here. Got it.

Then, today, Hurricane Sandy was passing through Boston so the kids did not have school, though I still had an appointment with my amazing dental hygienist, Annmarie.

I had to bring the boys with me and thought of calling her to ask if she could bring her high school daughter into work to babysit my boys while she worked on my teeth. But I didn’t actually call Annmarie.

When I entered the office, there sat her teenage daughter, who had decided to come into work with her mother today. And, she entertained the boys for an hour.

This gives me the confidence to bring up some bigger requests….

I’m hoping that you can feel your prayers answered, big and small. Thank you for your prayers on my behalf.

Lots of love to you.

4 thoughts on “Answered prayers

  1. I do love the way answers to prayers for the small things build our faith in answers for the big things. All weekend long, my prayers were answered…Hurricane Sandy was held off in DC long enough for me to run my first marathon…although I ran more slowly than planned, I really enjoyed the marathon the whole way…my knee, which has been a source of a lot of pain and frustration, was fine through all 26.2 miles. All little prayers I sent up for very selfish reasons. If God cares about those things, he’s certainly there for the big things. Praying for you today.

    • Thanks, Denise! And I got energized just by reading your note. So cool. And I love that prayers can carry us through each moment! CONGRATULATIONS on running and on finishing the marathon!!! That is so amazing! Are you okay today? Oh, and your note about your knee – that is one amazing part of your body. After all it has been through, and then to be totally there for you, carrying you that whole way. It rocks!!

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