Handling bumps

Chemo tomorrow (Tuesday afternoon). Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers. I can really use them!

We had dinner tonight with dear friends, and the 16-year-old, Ben, was describing how he rides his bike without his hands, using the core of his body to steer.

My husband asked how he handled bumps in the road, implying that, without holding on, one is more likely to fall off.

Ben patiently explained that, though hitting a bump might push his bike in one direction, he could still steer it with his body. So, if he hit a bump, he just moves the central core of his body in the opposite direction to return to the path he wants to travel. All the while staying upright. It is just like steering, but instead of the road moving gradually, it moves a bit more suddenly.

I love that image. I don’t have to hold on tightly to have control, and I can turn in any direction and handle whatever bumps come this way. Further, it isn’t necessary to go off track just because I hit a bump, and I do have some power to move forward on my chosen course, even using only my core.

I know that you will be able to steer where you want to go today, easily handling any bumps that might arise. Thank you for sharing your core strength and your heart with me; it helps so much.

Thank you.



1 thought on “Handling bumps

  1. Marie, what a marvelous analogy. We can learn so much from the younger generation if we just listen occasionally. This is a blog that will stay with me forever. Whenever I hit a bump, I will make sure to engage my core and stay on course! Thank you and God Bless.

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