How this Blog Began

I recently returned from a trip to see John of God in Brazil, where I was told, among other things, that I would start a new blog called Adventures in Spiritual Living.

When someone says they are told something, I often wondered what that meant. Does that mean that they literally heard a voice with their ears? Does it mean that it suddenly occurred to them? Did they see a sign?

In my case, I felt like I literally heard that I was supposed to do this, although I did not hear it with my ears. I heard it in my head, just as clearly as if it was spoken to me.

It felt like this: Typically, my mind is filled with multiple thoughts running through it simultaneously. There are problem-solving thoughts, ideas, plans, and a myriad of other categories. Even when I am having a conversation with someone, it feels like innumerable thoughts flow through my mind.

However, there are moments when I am intensely, deeply focused on something or someone. At those times, that is the only thing that exists in my mind. My mind is otherwise clear and I am fully present with what I am doing or who I am with, and they are the only thing that exists in that moment. They are the only thing that I can hear.

Hearing this message was like that. It was one, singular thought, with no other simultaneous thoughts, and it was loud and clear. So loud, that I hesitate to call it a thought. And it had my full attention.

While I was in Abadiania, I heard several messages in this way. When I doubted and didn’t heed the message, life was a bit bumpier, or at the very least, predictable. When I did heed the message, no matter how strange or difficult it seemed to be, life unfolded as if by magic, and I felt carried by Grace. In those moments, I only wanted more, more, more of whatever that was happening in my life. I felt like an athlete, bouncing on the balls of my feet, ready and waiting for the next play. “Give me the next message! I’m ready for it!”

Of course, you can’t orchestrate these messages, but I am starting to believe that I can be open to them, so that they can guide my life in beautiful and spectacular ways.

So, I am heeding the message to set up this blog. Those of you who operate this way all the time won’t be surprised to know that the blog name was available. So I set it up.

And here I am. Thanks for joining me in this journey. I have no idea where this will lead, and I am excited about the adventure.